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Educational Sensory Items Available On Etsy

Educational Sensory Items Available On Etsy


Are you looking for handmade sensory items that are also educational for your toddler?  I’ve combined the perfect list of educational sensory toys now available on the Pitter Patter of Baby Feet Etsy Shop.  

All the items provide daily learning activities and sensory activities for children two years and older!  So what are you waiting for?!  Take a peak at everything we have for sensory items and handmade resin sensory items!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click on them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Educational Sensory Items Available Today On Etsy

Looking for colorful rice to add to any sensory bin or bottle? Look no further!

There are 8 colors to choose from: Green, Lavender, Pink, Neon Pink, Purple, Blue, Metallic Berry, and Yellow.

Each purchase comes with 3 cups of rice (one color). If you don’t see a color you like, message me and I would be happy to custom make you a colored rice of your choosing!

Ignite your child imagination with this ocean themed sensory bottle!

Each sensory bottle allows your child to explore and learn about common sea creatures like sharks, octopus, sea stars, and dolphins. In each bottle there are 8 ocean animals (two of each) custom made with resin and maca powder combined with deep blue and white rice.

Since each sensory bottle is made to order slight color variations may occur with the resin charms and rice.

Look for seashells and seahorse in a sea of blue rice. Each I Spy bottle/sensory bottle is made with 12 unique resin pieces and two color combinations of rice. Choose from aqua color or deep blue.

Each bottle is handmade to order! Slight color variations with the resin charms and rice may occur, but the color will be as close as possible to the pictures you see.

Use it as a calming tool for young children or a way to explore and learn about sea life. This sensory bottle is perfect for long car rides, calming tantrums or meltdowns. You can even throw it in your child’s diaper bag or backpack to entertain your child wherever you go!

This tiny resin alphabet set is perfect for learning the alphabet and letter recognition. Toss into a sensory bin to help practice fine motor skills by reasoning for letters. Add to sensory, look and find bottles, or combine with your child’s favorite slime! The possibilities are endless!

The 26 letters are under an inch in height. There are two color options clear and blue.

*Please be aware that each letter is under an inch and should be played with under adult supervision and should not be used for children under the age of 3.

This resin number set is made resin with glitter and maca powder. There are three choices currently available: Purple Mermaid, Rose Gold, and Galaxy.

It contains 10 numbers total from 0 to 9. Add them to sensory bins, use with playdough, or simply help your toddler learn to count!

This is a set of 13 resin mermaid objects for sensory bins, pretend play, and more. Use with kinetic or moon sand, playdough, water beads, and more. The set includes an octopus, mermaid tails, seahorses, coral, and shells.

Please be advised- some objects may be a choking hazard for children under three. Adult supervision is required during sensory play activities!

Set of 15 resin and glitter dinosaurs (5 Tyrannosaurus, 5 Stegosaurus, and 5 Brachiosaurus). Use for imaginative play in sensory bins with kinetic sand, moon sand, rice, water beads, and so much more!

Choose from two color sets blue, teal, and green or hot pink, purple, and lavender.

This is a set of 10 pink and purple mermaid tails to use as a sensory bin filler, slime charm, and in play dough sets. Each sensory item in this set of 10 is made with resin, glitter, and maca powder.

Download, print, laminate, and cut out the colored objects to help your toddler learn color recognition with everyday objects! This toddler busy book consists of 24 pages total including instructions for printing and a cover page.

From this book your child will learn 10 colors and the corresponding colored objects. Each color learning page comes with six easy to recognize images (no shadow images) for your toddler to match!

This is a downloadable product. No physical product will be shipped. Please follow all instructions included for printing and assembly.

Choose a set of 10 Mickey or Minni heads to add to slime, sensory bins, and sensory bottles.

Be aware this item does pose a choking hazard and should not be used for children under 3. Adult supervision is required.

What better way to help your child learn number identification and sequence than with a sensory bottle? This sensory/I Spy bottle comes with custom made resin numbers 0-9. Two color options for the numbers are available: Glitter white and black.

You can also choose the color of rice to go with the resin numbers of your preference.

Tip: Darker colored rice pair well with glitter white numbers, while bright colored rice pair well with the black numbers!

Have your child twist, turn, and shake this sensory bottle for increased number recognition and learning to count!

This 15 piece set is a perfect addition for any under the sea theme for an I Spy sensory bottle. The set comes with four orange fish, two pink fish, 1 orange coral, and a mix of orange, pink, and white shells.

All 15 pieces are are under an inch in size (the shells are under a half inch) and ALL pieces do pose a chocking hazard for small children. Adult supervision is required! The pieces are only suitable for adding to an I Spy / Look and Discover sensory bottle and the bottle lid should be glued.

This 15 page printable busy book teaches toddler’s 6 common shapes (square, diamond, oval, circle, rectangle, triangle). Each shape comes with a page of everyday objects associated with each shape to learn object/shape recognition. Simply download, print, laminate each page, cut out shapes, and stick Velcro stickers on each object/shape.

This is downloadable document. No physical product will be shipped.


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