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6 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Blogging

6 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Blogging


Thinking of starting a blog? What’s stopping you?! There’s no better better time to tell your story and start a blog.

Many people are under the assumption that when you start blogging it’s not a business or an income source. They can’t be further from the truth.

The success of blogs only increases with time!

But there’s so much hard work that goes into starting and maintaining a blog.

Now that I’ve maintained my blog for almost three years, there’s some tips and not so pretty ugly truths you need to know before you start blogging!

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Before You Start Blogging Know That…

Blogging is more than just writing

Yes, the core of a blog are the articles that you write. However, this is merely a starting point.

With every article I write, I include the following:

-SEO keywords (search engine optimization)



-Running the article through a plagiarism program

-Multiple pin designs

-Meta description

-Publication to social media websites (Facebook and Pinterest)

All this is for one article alone! This does not count any other articles I write as a contributor on the Speech Blubs Blog.

Plus, the day-to-day things to do for keeping the blog going like checking and responding to emails, updating old article, designing pins to older articles, writing future articles for the blog, and posting on social media networks.

There’s a lot of work to start blogging and maintaining a blog that no one tells you about.

The readers only see the finished outcome of an article, not the work behind it.

Making Money From Your Blog Is Possible

When you start blogging, you won’t make any money!

Please don’t get your hopes up and don’t quit your day job! Blogging is considered to be a long marathon and not a sprint.

You won’t make money overnight. You might not even make any money your first year.

However, keep with it because hard work does pay off.

Think of a blog as a tree. You plant the seed (your blog). Then you watch it grow slowly.

With love, care, a little faith, and plenty of patience your blog will gain readers, search engine authority, social media followers, and email subscribers.

I was lucky enough to have good enough traffic to make money my first month blogging as an Amazon Affiliate! A whopping 16 bucks!

I was extremely happy with $16 because I didn’t expect to make anything my first month.

Many veteran bloggers will tell you not to expect a dime until after the first year!

But after the first year (or before) you can make a part or even full-time income! It is possible!

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Everyone’s definition of success is different

What strategy works for one person’s blog, does not always work for another. Every person has a different definition of what “success” is.

I’m very proud of the work I’ve been able to accomplish with Pitter Patter of Baby Feet.

I’ve measured my success as more than just incoming traffic and income.

One of the best ways I measure my own success is how companies and other brands reach out to me for collaborations.

I know other bloggers who don’t make money from their blog, yet their articles are being featured on Today Parenting and other big time blogs with loads of traffic.

To me, that’s also success! It goes to show you that success is not based solely on traffic and income.

The “success” you get when you start blogging is defined by you! It’s the goals you set for your blog and your brand.

Treat your blog like a business

Truly, I believe this is what separates those who make a part to full-time income from those whose blog is only a hobby.

A blog that’s viewed as a hobby is typically written in a diary form of writing.

Someone’s personal story shines through, but the writing is not directed at helping another personal except for someone reading and relating to the story.

You can still write your own personal journey in every article you write, the only difference is you need to help your readers solve a problem.

For instance, If you’re a mom that’s struggled with sciatica pain during a pregnancy, help another mom by suggesting ways to manage and treat sciatica pain during pregnancy.

I full heartedly believe every situation in your life can be turned into an article to help someone else.

Which brings me to my last point…

People are going to hate…

Not everyone will like your writing, ideas, pins, or your story. And they will be vocal about it!

While it doesn’t happen often, I’ve received negative comments. And yes it does sting your pride a little. It’s mostly people disagreeing with a product I suggest or products I don’t use.

Personally, it doesn’t matter if someone completely hates a product I recommend.

I found value in that product so I recommend it. Does it work for everyone? No.

Not every product works for every person.

People are going to hate on your articles just because they can!

You can tell by people’s comments who are trolls (people who leave negative comments and stay anonymous), people who didn’t read the article and therefore jump to conclusions, and those who leave genuine constructive criticism.

I think a lot of times people leave negative comments to make themselves feel better. I fall into the category of the type of person who if I don’t agree with someone about a product or opinion, I simply move on.

I don’t leave negative comments and I don’t state my opinion about it because everyone has an opinion and they’re all different.

So don’t be shocked when you receive negative comments. They happen.

Just take them with a grain of salt and move on and continue blogging your heart out!

If those negative reviewers can’t see your greatness, then they are not your engaged audience or your tribe!

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Don’t compare yourself to others

This is so easy to do! Especially when you first start blogging.

The problem with comparing yourself to other bloggers and brands or companies is that you don’t know…

-How long it’s taken that blogger to reach their level of success

-How long ago they started their blog

-How many failures or trial and error adventures they’ve had along the way

Everybody’s blog has a unique story. My blog and what I deem as success is different from someone.

The best thing I can tell you is- Try not to compare yourself to others! You don’t know the other bloggers struggles to get where they are.

Final Thoughts

There’s some common truths I’ve learned about blogging…

-Everyone has a unique story to tell

-Blogging is hard work, not a simple hobby

-There’s many trial and errors to find what works for you

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to take these tips into consideration (and not let it frighten you) but motivate you to tell your story and help others.

Better yet, you can even turn your blog into a full time income with patience and faith!

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