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Top 5 Autism Safety Concerns

Raising any child is difficult.  Raising a child on the autism spectrum adds an extra element of difficulty. Not only do you deal with daily struggles of managing sensory and communication needs, but autism also comes with safety concerns for parents. Safety concerns are everywhere for parents with an autistic child.  Children with autism learn …

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30 Journal Prompts For Self-Love And Healing

What is self-love?  While many can describe what self-love is, they don’t understand how to put self-love into practice. Self-love is not just about loving how you look in your favorite outfit, but how you feel and how you nourish your body, mind, and soul. Learning to love yourself is difficult challenge.  We tend to …

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10 Dissociation Grounding Techniques

  Living with dissociation is no way to live.  This type of disorder leaves you feeling like your environment, people and even your own identity are not real.   Instead of being present in the moment you’re in, your brain dissociates and provides a “safe haven” to protect you from stressful events, current and/or past trauma. …

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