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When You Can’t Find The Words To Pray

30 Days of Prayer Through Infertility

By Liz Talton

Coming Soon! An ebook written by Liz Talton, the author of Pitter Patter of Baby Feet. When You Can't Find The Words To Pray: 30 Days of Prayer Through Infertility is meant to help anyone struggling to conceive. This 30 day guide comes with 3 bible verses and a prayer for each day related to a specific topic with infertility.

I am excited to announce the ebook, When You Can’t Find The Words To Pray: 30 Days of Prayer Through Infertility.

This ebook is available for purchase now through Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook.

I wrote this book on a subject that’s near and dear to my heart… Infertility.

In the middle of my fertility journey, my faith wavered.  I could no longer find the words to pray because I was simply too heartbroken.  Infertility had stolen my prayer, money, time, joy and was beginning to steal my faith.

At this point I decided enough is enough!  I grabbed my bible and began to search for bible verses I needed to hear.  Bible verses that were related to topics I was going through with infertility.  Scripture passages related to topics like peace, patience, confidence, hope, etc.  From there I focused on these verses related to the topics of infertility and wrote a prayer.

As a result, this ebook was born!

Throughout the course of 30 days, 3 bible verses are provided each day from the Old and New Testament focused around a topic related to infertility.  Then, a prayer for the topic is provided.  While each prayer may not be the exact words you would use, it serves as a guide for prayer.

If you cannot find the words to pray when dealing with infertility, you can now with this ebook!

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