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12 Signs Of Manipulation Abuse

Manipulation is when an individual uses controlling and harmful behaviors to cast doubt, hide their true intentions, and avoid responsibility. There are many forms of manipulation and therefore can be hard to spot without knowing the signs of manipulation abuse. But first, let’s be clean- Manipulation is a form of verbal and emotional abuse that …

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10 Tips For Overcoming Holiday Stress

  The holiday season comes with joy, family and plenty of holiday spirit. But for many people this busy time of the year comes with holiday stress. Whether you have preexisting mental health struggles or experience seasonal depression, the holidays are a hectic time due to a multitude of different factors. From gift shopping, parties …

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Emotional Abuse Is Abuse

Mental abuse is difficult to define. Within the term of emotional or verbal abuse lies many specific subsets of emotional abuse like gaslighting for instance. These specific types of emotional abuse have only recently been identified and recognized by therapists and those who experience the abuse. While some people do not recognize or believe these …

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Depression Symptoms No One Talks About

Depression is a terrible beast. One moment you think you have it under control with medication. The next, you’re faced with slowly building symptoms of depression that creep up out of nowhere. Its a common misconception that depression medication will completely alleviate depression. However, depression is still there and you’re still susceptible to depressive episodes …

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