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Eva Martin

I am a mom of two boys, coffee addict and avocado lover. I have a passion for a healthy and active mom lifestyle. I believe any mom is capable of having a strong, healthy body that she feels confident in. If you want to look and feel better but are overwhelmed when it comes to exercise and healthy eating habits, join me in my 14-days plan where I guide you how to become strong, healthy and happy mom the mom you've always wanted to be. You deserve to love your mom bod! And I will help you to fall in love with it, feel fit, strong and capable of doing whatever motherhood brings your way!

  Someone did the math and actually counted that 1 year of breastfeeding compares to a full-time job. It equates to around 1,825 hours of holding your baby to your breast.  A full-time job with 3 weeks of vacation is 1,960 hours. Pretty impressive, right? All the sleepless nights. All the early mornings. All the …

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