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100 Baby Names Starting With A

100 Baby Names Starting With A

Are you expecting a new addition to your family?

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a baby is choosing the perfect name.

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to decide on just one.

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not start with the letter A?

Names starting with A are popular for a reason.

They’re classic, timeless, and often have beautiful meanings behind them.

From traditional choices like Alexander and Amelia to more unique options like Aria and Atticus, there’s no shortage of A names to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a name that’s short and sweet or one that’s longer and more elaborate, there’s an A name out there for every taste.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular baby names starting with A, as well as some more unique options you may not have considered.

We’ll also delve into the meanings behind these names and the cultural significance they hold.

By the end of this article, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to help you choose the perfect A name for your little one.

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Girl Baby Names Starting With A

Aada- Noble; adornment
Aadhila- Honestly
Aadina- Delicate; slender; Friday
Aadrita- Lots of love gathering; charming
Aadvi- Unique; gift of God
Aaila- Beautiful; attractive and possessing charm just like the moon

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30 Beautiful Irish Baby Girl Names

Aailayah- Ascending; The one who is off to success
Acacia- Thorny tree
Acantha- Thorn
Addie- Noble; sweet
Adele- Noble; kind
Adeline- Noble
Adhar- Maidens; one of the names of the brightest stars in the sky
Adora- Beloved one
Adrastea- Inescapable; A name of one of Jupiter’s moons
Aelwen- Fair brow
Aeron- Goddess of war
Agape- Love
Agatha- Virtuous
Aggie- Good
Agnes- Pure
Ahadi- With much promise
Ahmoua- Whale
Ailsa- Elf victory
Ainsley- Wooded meadow; one and only
Aisha- Prosperous
Aisling- Vision; dream
Akari- Lights
Akeelah- Eagle
Alanna- Little Child
Alba- Dawn; Sunrise
Alcmene- Strength of the mood

baby names starting with A
Alessandra- Defender of the people
Alice- From the nobility
Alicia- Of noble kin
Alodie- Wealthy
Aloha- Joyful sharing of love
Alwilda- Elf battle
Amelia- Work
Ami- Friend; beloved; beautiful
Anais- Gracious; merciful
Annabelle- Gracious; beautiful
Armelle- Princess
Arwen- Noble maiden
Astrid- God’s strength
Audry- Noble strength
Aurelie- Golden
Aurora- Dawn
Autumn- Fall season
Ava- Like a bird


Boy Baby Names Starting With A

Aalam- World
Aaron- Strong; exalted
Abay- Talented
Abbott- Head of a monastery
Abel- A breath
Abner- Father of light
Ace- Expert
Achille- From the Greek warrior Achilles
Adam- Son of the red earth
Adriel- Congregation of God
Adwin- Artist

baby names starting with A

Afron- River
Afton- Afternoon; evening
Aiden- Little fire
Akello- To bring forth
Akira- Bright; clear
Albus- White
Alder- Eagle
Alex- Defender of the people
Alijah- The Lord is my God
Alim- Scholar
Alistair- Defender of the people
Alois- Famous warrior
Alrik- All ruler
Alton- Old town
Amaias- Loved one
Amare- Immortal
Ambrose- Immportal
Amir- Prince
Amory- Home ruler
Amos- Burdened
Anakin- Character from Star Wars
Ansel- God; protector
Antonio- Priceless; flower
Apollo- From the Greek God of light Apolla
Aragorn- Noble valor

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Archwood- Trees forming arches
Arjun- Bright and shining
Arwan- Courageous
Asher- Blessed; happy
Aspen- Quaking tree
Atlas- Support
Atticus- Of Attica
Aurelius- Golden
Austin- Magnificent
Avery- Ruler of the elves
Avish- King; earth
Axel- Father of peace
Aziel- God is my strength
Amadeus- Love of God

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