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10 Genius Ways To Toddler Proof Christmas Decorations

10 Genius Ways To Toddler Proof Christmas Decorations


Christmas is coming!  And with Christmas comes the joy of the holiday season.  While I’m excited for Christmas, I have to admit I’m also TERRIFIED!


Because I have a toddler.  Toddlers equal destruction!  Nothing in my house is safe anymore.

Toddlers climb, jump and throw everything they can get their hands on!  So what am I to do about the Christmas decorations?

There’s always the option to not have Christmas decorations?  But that’s not going to happen.  I want to be able to have all my delicate and beautiful decorations out without them being broken by tiny hands.

During the holiday season, you need to rethink the way you decorate!

To protect precious family Christmas heirlooms, you need to toddler proof your Christmas decorations!  Here are 10 genius ways to save your Christmas decor this year.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click on them to make a purchase I will earn a commission.  Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases.  The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

1. Upside Down Christmas Tree

This is an extra unique way to decorate a Christmas tree.  Have you seen the new trend of hanging a Christmas tree from the ceiling?

Of course it only works with artificial trees, but it’s very inventive!

When it comes to little toddler hands touching any tree ornaments, you eliminate touching by installing the tree where it can’t be reached.

There are artificial trees you can buy that stand upside down on the floor.  But this is still not going to toddler proof your Christmas decorations.

To learn how to mount your Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling click here!

2. Surround Your Tree

Baby enclosed gates or playpens are not just a safe play area for your child.

A playpen can double as a barrier protector for both your Christmas tree and surrounding gifts.  This is an easy and quick way to protect your priceless ornaments and toddler proof your tree.

The only issue I see with this quick fix is if your toddler is a master climber.  If you child climbs anything and everything, then you may want to move on to any of the other 9 tips to toddler proof Christmas decorations.

3. Make Use Of High Shelves

As your child has progressed into the toddler years, you probably have to keep moving breakables higher and higher.  I know I do.

Basically, our house has been picked clean of anything nice like desktop lamps, figurines, books, etc.  It does get tiring trying to constantly outwit a toddler when it comes to house decor.

High shelves can be cleared off and redecorated with breakable Christmas ornaments.  I have a high shelf reserved during the holiday season just for my Grandmother’s Christmas village.

Here’s a picture of this year’s village setup!

This year's Christmas village that's completely toddler proof.

Another option for a high shelf is displaying valuable Christmas ornaments.  The best option I’ve found for displaying breakable ornaments is by using a Metal Tree Ornament Display Stand.

Metal Tree stands are perfect for glass ornaments and matching ornament sets.  Best yet, the display stand holds a considerable amount of weight to hold your heaviest ornaments.

A tree stand is great during the holidays, but my husband and I are Disney and Christmas obsessed so certain ornaments stay out all year around.  Our Hallmark Star Wars Collection is on display all year.  Instead of a metal tree, my husband screwed tiny hooks into the bottom the shelf to hang the ornaments.

Our Star Wars ornament display stays toddler proof all year around.

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4. Try A Toddler Felt Tree

In the hopes your toddler will leave the real tree alone, give them a felt tree.  If you’re a Pinterest addict like me, you’ve probably seen this idea in a billion pins.  This is probably one of the best parenting hacks I’ve come across.

Toddler felt tree sets are a simple and effective way to include your toddler in Christmas decorating.

Instead of your toddler constantly playing with the Christmas tree, a felt tree can be hung on the wall.  Felt tree sets come with a variety of felt ornaments as well.

No more worrying about missing or broken ornaments.  Just have your toddler decorate to his/her heart’s desire with felt.  This is another easy and fun toddler proof fix.

5. Use Christmas Wreaths & Garland

To toddler proof your Christmas decorations, wreaths are not just reserved for the front door.  Wreaths can be hung throughout your house to show Christmas spirit and hang breakable ornaments.

In my house we have two long garlands specifically to hold all our specialty collection ornaments.  My husband collects Frosty Friends ornaments and I collect Disney ornaments.

I hang the garland along the top of the China cabinet and the other garland over the bedroom door.  Using garland and wreaths for hanging ornaments is an amazing way to display holiday ornament collections.


6. Install An Alarm System On Your Tree

Toddlers are super sneaky.  As soon as you turn your back, they already broke what they shouldn’t be touching in the first place.

Since you can’t keep an eye on your toddler every second (you do have to use the bathroom sometime), install an alarm system on your tree.  But how do you install an alarm system?  Easy!

With bells!!!

Jingle bells can be placed from the middle of the tree to the bottom.  If your toddler touches or moves the tree, ornaments or gifts, odds are you’ll know about it.

Toddler proof your tree by simply adding a jingle bell alarm system.

7. Only Decorate Half-Way

Similar to the jingle bell alarm system, one of the best ways to deter wandering hands is by decorating only half-way.

In other words: Your tree would be decorated from the top to the middle leaving the rest bare.

If you want to forgo ornaments, you can take the minimalist approach to Christmas trees by skipping ornaments altogether.  This toddler proof tip for protecting Christmas decorations is the easiest to accomplish on this list!

8. Buy Shatterproof Ornaments

Plastic ornaments have come a long way over the years.  They are no longer cheap tacky looking ornaments no one wants.

Ornaments made of plastic can still break, but today they are shatterproof.  This means when they do break they don’t fall to a million pieces.

With toddlers, shatterproof ornaments are both safe to handle and are easy to cleanup if broken.  Just FYI, shatterproof ornaments are really hard to break!

If you’re in need of plastic shatterproof ornaments, you can find some great sets HERE.

9. Replace Metal Hooks

This idea came to me as I was pulling out all my Christmas ornaments.  Although I have shatterproof ornaments to go on the tree, what about the metal hooks?

Ornaments can be bumped and metal hooks can fall off.  Once they fall off, most of the time they’re hard to find on the floor.  They can then be picked up by your toddler.  From there, the metal hook will most likely go in his/her mouth, like everything else does…

In my opinion, I see some dangers when it comes to metal hooks and toddlers.  So why not remove metal hooks altogether from your Christmas decor?  But what do you hang ornaments with instead?

Try switching all your metal hooks with thin ribbon.

Yes, it may be time-consuming to put ribbon through each ornament hole and tie a bow.  But I think it will be worth it.  I plan to undertake this task of replacing metal hooks with ribbon soon to better toddler proof my tree.

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10. Place Stockings Up High

To toddler proof your stockings, you have two options:

  1. Hang up high with nails in the wall
  2. Buy a Christmas stocking weight to put on a high shelf

We use the old method of hanging our family stockings with nails.  The reason being…  I can’t find a stocking weight that weighs enough to hold a stocking with anything in it.

But if you find an awesome stocking weight, I’d place it on an upper shelf along with your other breakable ornaments.


Final Thoughts

Toddlers are destructive in nature.  Not just during the holidays, but all year around.

But when it comes to valuable ornaments that are breakable, certain measures need to be taken to protect them.

Yes, you can always simply downplay your Christmas decorations because you have a toddler.  But what fun would that be?  Don’t be a Grinch about Christmas decorations!

Apply some of these tips for toddler proofing for the holidays!  Your family ornaments can stay safe, while your toddler enjoys looking at the Christmas decorations.


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