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The 62 BEST Board Games To Give To Your Kids This Christmas

The 62 BEST Board Games To Give To Your Kids This Christmas


I’ll admit it… I have a love of board games!  Board games are more than silly games played only at parties, they can be used by families to promote bonding between family members.  

The best part is there’s thousands of board games for every age and any number of players! 

Board games go beyond entertaining for children, they have immediate benefits for critical thinking and social skills.

This Christmas gift a family or your children the gift of board games to increase family bonding!

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10 Benefits Of Playing Board Games

Board games offer the following benefits to child development:

  1.   Allows children to “unplug” from everyday electronics like television and ipads
  2.  Shows children how to be a “good loser.”
  3.  Can soothe anxiety with social situations and making friends
  4.  Can be used as an alternative to time out
  5.  Enhances team building skills
  6.  Increases focus and attention
  7.  Boosts vocabulary and spelling skills
  8.  Strategy games help develop a child’s frontal lobes responsible for organizing, decision making, and planning
  9.  Develops hand and eye coordination
  10.  Offers early learning of color recognition and counting


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Board Games For Families

  1. Kids Against Maturity
  2. Throw Throw Burrito
  3. Trekking The National Park
  4. Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition
  5. Googly Eyes
  6. Jenga 
  7. Monopoly
  8. Exploding Kittens
  9. Kids Create Absurdity
  10. Labyrinth
  11. Spontuneous
  12. Not Parent Approved
  13. Watch Ya Mouth
  14. 5 Second Rule
  15. Game of Life
  16. Pictionary
  17. Disney’s Jungle Cruise
  18. Clue
  19. Qwirkle
  20. The Santa Clause Game
  21. Connect 4
  22. Sorry
  23. Bubble Talk
  24. Disney’s Codenames
  25. Beat That!
  26. Apples to Apples: Marvel Edition
  27. My First Castle Panic 
  28. Wits and Wagers: Family Edition
  29. Don’t Make Me Laugh!
  30. Chickapig
  31. Pay Day
  32. Quick Cups
  33. Guess Who
  34. Trouble
  35. Continent Race
  36. Scrabble Junior
  37. Hedbanz
  38. Charades For Kids
  39. Taboo: Kids vs. Parents
  40. Outfoxed!
  41. Splash!
  42. Start Farmer STEM Board Game
  43. Brain Games Kids
  44. Risk Junior
  45. Catan Junior
  46. Ticket to Ride
  47. The UpsideDownChallenge Game
  48. Twister: Ultimate Edition
  49. Enchanted Forest
  50. Would You Rather
  51. STEM Family Battle 
  52. What Do You Meme? Family Edition
  53. Disney’s Villainous
  54. Double Ditto
  55. Would You Rather
  56. Scattergories
  57. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader
  58. The Logo Game
  59. Wordplay Family Edition
  60. Jinx Family Edition
  61. Pie Face Showdown
  62. Stare Junior


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The surprising benefits your kids get from playing board games


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