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Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover Review

When I first became a mom, I cut costs wherever possible when it came to baby items. 

There’s many baby items on the market today that do not hold very much value.

One of the baby items I skipped out on was a shopping cart cover.

I held to the long-term belief that shopping cart covers were simple a baby item you didn’t really need. 

Since I deemed a shopping cart cover as a useless baby item, I decided to purchase one and give it an honest and fair review.

Here’s an honest look at both the positives and negatives of a Claro Baby shopping cart cover!

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Positives Of Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover

Sippy Cup Strap

One of the best features of the Claro Baby shopping cart cover is a sippy cup strap.  It’s a simple strap that’s white with Velcro. 

All you have to do is undo the Velcro and put the strap around the sippy cup.

My toddler still occasionally likes to through his sippy cup on the floor when he’s done drinking. 

This causes a problem in a grocery store because sippy cups roll away.

I had this happen one time!  My toddler tossed the sippy cup and it rolled underneath the shelving. 

I had to get down on my hands and knees to retrieve the sippy cup from underneath the shelving.  It was gross!

With a sippy cup strap attached to the shopping cart cover, I don’t have to worry about losing it.

The Claro Baby shopping cart cover comes with built in pockets perfect for sippy cups and snacks.

Toy Loops

Along with sippy cups or bottles, kids love to throw toys.  But with this shopping cart you don’t have to worry about a toy being flung on a dirty floor.

The cart cover comes with three toy loops sewn in. 

All three loops sit right in front for easy access and entertainment for your child.

With my toddler, he’s past the point of baby toys that clip or hang.  My son’s pretty happy without toys. 

But if you have a smaller child that still needs toys in front of him or her, then these three toy loops are great!

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What To Pack In Your Toddler Diaper Bag

1st Year Diaper Bag Essentials

Large Pocket for Holding Essentials

The Claro Baby shopping cart cover has a sewn-in large pocket to hold your essentials.

This large pocket serves two purposes.  First, the pocket is attached to the back side and stores the shopping cart cover when not in use.

Second, the pocket holds essential items.  On our shopping trip I placed my water and a pack of wipes for easy access. 

This pocket is great for putting anything you need to access quickly like wipes.

It removes the need to dig through a diaper bag to find what you want. 

Another plus to this large pocket is my son did not notice it behind him and didn’t try to reach for anything in it.

Safety Straps

The safety straps are great for any child that small, needs extra trunk support or is just really wiggly. 

The provide extra security for you child.

Not only is it a waist belt, but it includes shoulder straps as well.

Although the safety straps work for younger and smaller children, my toddler big for his age. 

He’s in the 99th percentile, in 4T clothing and he’s only two!

With that being said, my big toddler didn’t need the safety straps.

Side Pockets

The Claro Baby shopping cart cover has two side pockets that work for sippy cups or bottles. 

My son was able to notice it and pull out the sippy cup on his own.

Since the pockets have a stretchy elastic sewn-in, the sippy cup remains upright and doesn’t tip. 

These pockets can also be used for snack compartments as well.

Fits Well

When I first put the cart cover in the cart seat, I immediately noticed it stretched easily over the cart. 

The cart was a Walmart shopping cart, which has a normal size child seat.

I image the shopping cart cover is able to fit into larger seats since there is stretchy elastic that forms to the child seat.

Easily Folds Away

I have to admit, this is the best part about this cart cover.  Remember that large pocket I talked about earlier? 

That same pocket is able to accommodate and hold the folded up cart cover.

Being able to quickly fold and unfold a shopping cart cover is a major plus! 

When I took my son out of the seat and handed him off to daddy, it took me three seconds to fold the shopping cart cover into the large pocket.  THREE SECONDS.

Trust me, I actually counted.  It was that easy and quick!

Large Leg Holes

As I mentioned before, my son is big for his age.  When I first received the Claro Baby cart cover, my number one concern was his legs not fitting through the leg holes.

Thankfully, they did fit!  Not only did my toddler’s legs fit, but he still has room to grow. 

As of right now with his legs in the leg holes, I can still fit my hand through as well.

That’s how much space there is!  There’s no worrying about leg restriction.

Negatives Of The Claro Baby Shopping Cart Cover

Hard To Lift Child Out Of

With my toddler having big feet and being really tall, it was hard to lift my child out of the cart seat without assistance. 

I had to have daddy come to the rescue because his shoes kept getting caught on the shopping cart cover.

I believe it would be easier for a smaller child or a child without shoes. 

For children under a year I believe mom’s would have no problem getting their child out.

For my big toddler it was a little tough!

I Didn’t Use The Phone Screen Pocket

For some parents, this phone screen is a dream!  However, I personally don’t pull out my phone for my toddler to watch videos while we’re shopping.

But I see other parents in the store all the time using their phones to take tantrums. 

There’s no shame in it!  Whatever get’s the shopping done!

The phone screen pocket sits right in front of the child allowing for easy viewing.  It also closes with Velcro to avoid the phone being thrown by little hands. 

Plus, the screen provides a waterproof barrier against water, milk, juice or drool spills.

Since I didn’t use it for my phone, I put my son’s snacks in there instead!

The phone pocket on the Claro Baby shopping cart cover is perfect for providing entertainment and protecting against spills.

Doesn’t Fit Inside Diaper Bag

I was really hoping the Claro Baby shopping cart cover would fit inside my diaper bag.  Unfortunately, it didn’t.

Although it does fold nicely into an attached carrying case, it’s not small enough to fit in MY diaper bag.

I’m the type of mom that packs a lot inside my diaper bag to accommodate my son. 

With that being said, if you pack less within your diaper bag you could be able to fit the Claro Baby cover.

Final Thoughts

However, I am pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the Claro Baby cart cover. 

The best thing I loved about it was all the assessable pockets and loops that made it easy to store snacks, sippy cups and toys.

I was also very surprised my large toddler fit in the seat cover comfortably.  This is a major plus!

I believe the Claro Baby shopping cart cover will be better suited for a younger child. 

After I have my second child, I plan to use it a lot more because of its portability and pockets for everything.

This cart cover is perfect for any mom that likes to have everything organized and within reach. 

By using a cart cover you no longer have to dig last minute in your diaper bag for wipes, snacks, etc.

While I’m happily surprised by the Claro Baby shopping cart cover, buying a cart cover is a luxury baby item… 

Meaning: I don’t feel it is a necessary baby item to purchase.

But if you feel a shopping cart cover would be perfect for your child, the Claro Baby seat cover is a great option that’s worth its money!

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