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The Best Cloth Diapers For Large Toddlers

The Best Cloth Diapers For Large Toddlers



With having a growing toddler who’s heads above others his age, I’m running into a common problem.

I’m in a race to potty train!  But every child develops in their own time. While I’m working on child-led potty training… It’s a slow process!

Since my toddler is not fully potty trained, he needs a diaper that will fit.

Unfortunately, he’s completely outgrown disposable diapers and size 4T/5T Pull-ups do not fit either.

So what’s a mom to do?

If you’re in a similar situation with a large toddler… You’re toddler’s not yet potty trained; he/she doesn’t fit into disposable diaper or Pull-Ups; or no longer fits into all-in-one cloth diapers…  It may be time to make a switch to a bigger cloth diaper!

Let’s take a deep look at Imagine XL cloth diapers with my honest review!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click on them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

When it comes to cloth diapering large toddlers, there are only a couple options available: Imagine XL, Applecheeks size 4 and Happy Endings cloth diapers.

Although I never tried Applecheeks diapers before, I went with Imagine XL diapers for a couple very good reasons…

  1. Imagine XL diapers are cheaper than Applecheeks size 4.
  2. Imagine XL are a pocket style diaper that come with a microfiber insert.

That was a huge selling point for me! I didn’t want to buy a cloth diaper that didn’t come with an insert.

Since I am fairly new to cloth diapering, I wanted a diaper system that extremely easy to use.

Hence, why I choose a pocket diaper style compared to a diaper cover like Applecheeks size 4. 

However, there is one major plus between Applecheeks and Imagine XL cloth diapers… Applecheeks size 4 goes up to 100 pounds. Imagine XL diapers only go up to 7o pounds.

Although I considered purchasing Applecheeks, I am beyond happy with my purchase of Imagine XL cloth diapers!

Benefits Of Imagine XL Cloth Diapers

Ease Of Use

Imagine XL diaper are beyond easy to use. Which is perfect for any new mom who’s new to cloth diapering.

Since these cloth diapers are specifically made for larger toddlers, I wanted something that was easy to put on and take off of a squirming toddler. The Imagine XL diaper does!

The diaper itself comes with a large microfiber insert that is adjustable with three buttons.

These buttons can be snapped together to provide a shorter crotch length and add extra bulk in the front for little boys.

Adjustable insert for Imagine XL cloth diapers

As you can see, the Imagine XL insert is large than a typical diaper insert you will see with other cloth diapers. That’s because this diaper is made for bigger children!

Since the insert is made of microfiber the insert cannot go directly against your toddler’s skin.

Microfiber is extremely absorbent and can cause skin irritation.

If you use the insert above, it can only be placed inside the pocket of the diaper!

But that’s the charm of a pocket style or all-in-one diaper! You don’t have to worry about combining an insert or two with a cover. 

All you have to do is simply “pre-stuff” the microfiber insert into the Imagine XL diaper!

Then when the diapers wet or soiled, knock of the solids in the toilet (use a toilet diaper sprayer if you want to) and throw in the wetbag! That’s it! 

And when you go to do laundry, make sure the inserts are separated from the cloth diaper and use a detergent free of dyes, chemicals and perfumes.

For ease of use, I give Imagine XL diapers 5/5 stars!

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Some parents prefer a more natural alternative for diaper inserts like bamboo, hemp or cotton.

While I’m all for having a more natural alternative, microfiber for cloth diapers is AMAZING! 

Although the microfiber cannot rest against the skin, it does do wonders for soaking up moisture.

Since using Imagine XL cloth diapers, my toddler has not had a single leak or blowout! And this includes 8 to 10 hours at nighttime. 

If you are still concerned about nighttime leaks, the Imagine XL diaper still has room to add an extra booster insert at night.

For absorbency I give Imagine XL cloth diapers 5/5 stars!


These diapers are highly adjustable! Not only are there snaps across the waist, but rise snaps as well to adjust to any size child.

Imagine XL cloth diapers are fully adjustable to accomodate any size child up to 70 pounds.

Top: Smallest setting for Imagine XL Bottom: Largest setting for Imagine XL

The inner lining of the cloth diapers are made with a soft fleece that matches the diapers outer lining.

The outer lining is a silky waterproof material that helps prevent leaks.


Imagine XL cloth diapers come in 21 different prints and solid colors. For my toddler I only bought the prints that were for boys or gender neutral prints. 

I did this because I have multiple sets of solid print Alavababy pocket diapers. I didn’t want to get my toddler’s diapers confused with smaller diapers.

Here are five adorable cute patterns from Imagine XL cloth diapers you can purchase.

Top left to right: Panda Fold, Barnyard Jam Bottom left to right: Rawr, Lil Stinker, Trumpet

This was the first set of print Imagine XL diapers I ordered. I found out pretty fast that five diapers was not enough! So I ordered more diapers!

Imagine XL cloth diapers come in a variety of solid colors and patterns.

To left to right: Overboard, Which Way Bottom left to right: Raccoon Ruckus, Palm Beach, Ring-a-Ding

While I ordered the cutest cloth diaper prints, there are still prints from Imagine XL to accommodate girls!

For variety I give Imagine XL cloth diapers 5/5 stars!

Downfall Of Imagine XL Cloth Diapers

While I absolutely love these print adjustable cloth diapers, I don’t believe they will work for a 70 pound child. Of course I could be wrong!

My son does have thicker thighs. If a child close to 70 pounds is on the skinnier side, the Imagine XL diapers could go up to 70 pounds.

If you feel your toddler needs a diaper past 70 pounds, I would suggest either Applecheeks size 4 envelope cover or HappyEndings cloth diaper/training pants.  Both cloth diapers go up to 100 pounds!

Final Thoughts

Since making the switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers for my large toddler, I am in love with Imagine XL cloth diapers! 

For all the categories rated, I gave the diapers 5 out of 5 stars for absorbency, ease of use, comfort and variety.

Although I love these diapers for my growing toddler, I feel they may not last for up to 70 pounds.

If my son is not fully potty trained by the time he outgrows Imagine XL diapers, he’ll then move into HappyEndings diaper/training pants (which I have on standby).

If your toddler is…

  • Not yet potty trained
  • Growing out of disposable diapers or Pull-Ups
  • Doesn’t fit into all-in-one cloth diapers
  • In a high percentile for height and weight for his or her age

Then you may want to give Imagine XL cloth diapers a try!

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