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To My Son On His 2nd Birthday!

To My Son On His 2nd Birthday!


Dear O.,

You are two!  It’s hard to put into words just how much mommy loves you.

For the past two years, you have dramatically changed my life.  Seeing your face every morning makes my day!

I hate to say this, but you are the coolest little person I know. 

I know I’m your mother and you’ll always be my son first…  But I consider you my best friend!

You have grown so much in a short two years.  I no longer look at you and see a baby anymore.  I see a very young man!

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There are some days where you drive me to the brink of insanity.  But every day is different with you! 

One day you’re a terror.  The next you’re an angel.

You definitely have a unique personality of your own.

When God made you, He knew what He was doing… He made the perfect child for daddy and mommy!

I couldn’t think of any way to honor your 2nd birthday more than by telling you all the amazing things I love most about YOU!!!

1. You are a fighter

You didn’t come into this world easily.  You are the result of 2 and a 1/2 years of infertility.  That’s 933 days… without you.

Then during labor you didn’t want to come out of mommy’s womb.  And once you did, you were not breathing.

But like I said you’re a fighter.  You fought through resuscitation, infection and 5 days in the hospital.

2. You are so much fun

Who else in the world would stay home with me all day and watch Disney movies?  

You are full of energy.  You love to jump, run, play, gallop, throw toys, be tickled, and laugh a lot.

Your laugh is infectious!

I hope as you get older you remember…

Our dance parties…

Tickle fights…

Reading time…

Coloring time…

Disney and Harry Potter marathons…

3. You are independent

You always want to do everything yourself!  From trying to undress yourself, washing your hands, taking off your diaper…

You always surprise me with how strong willed you are.  Sometimes mommy just has to roll with the punches and let you do things yourself (within reason).

Yes, you will fail more times than you’ll succeed on things you try… But that’s a part of life my dear! 

It’s ok to fail!  Just don’t get too upset about it.

4. You are a fast learner

The ABC song is your favorite.  We sing it at least 4 times a day.

But that’s ok.  You’re slowly learning your ABC’s.  You have made it all the way to G!

I try and incorporate learning into everyday activities the best I can.  I think you’re not paying attention. 

But you always surprise me later.  Especially by saying curse words you’ve only heard a few times.

Hopefully, you learn fast with potty training!

5. You love to read

This is an amazing hobby to have and one that will benefit you throughout life.

Not a day goes by that I don’t see you reading your books in your room. 

Although I know you’re not actually reading the books, but it still counts!

Keep reading and exploring new worlds little one!

My advice to you…

Be a child as long as possible!

I love seeing your grow and develop into the amazing toddler you are today, but you could slow down a bit. 

You were in 3T clothing before your 2nd birthday!

You need to be a kid as long as possible.  Play in the dirt, learn the little things. 

Try to only worry about potty training and eating your veggies.  Don’t grow up too fast!

Second, this life is not always pretty.  It’s filled with complications, hardships and it’s not always what you expect.

Always look for the beauty in this world!

That includes finding beauty in everyday things and people.

Here’s to another year of great memories with you!

I love you, always and forever,

Mommy xoxo


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