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20 Top Pregnancy Blogs To Follow In 2023

20 Top Pregnancy Blogs To Follow In 2023


Expecting a baby within the next nine months? 

Want life saving tips and advice to ease pregnancy symptoms and get ready for labor?  Then, these 20 pregnancy blogs have you covered!  

While there are many pregnancy blogs on the internet, I rounded up a select few blogs that consistently share their personal experience with pregnancy and their best tips for anything regarding pregnancy.

Here are 20 amazing mom pregnancy blogs to follow in 2023!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click on them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

20 Pregnancy Blogs To Follow In 2021

1. Lifting Motherhood

Lifting Motherhood is a blog focusing on a mix of pregnancy and nutrition. 

You can find tips about essential baby items to buy and pregnancy announcement ideas.  The best part?

This mama has you covered for postpartum healthy living!

2. Mother and Baby Love

Debbie from Mother and Baby Love is the go to source for baby announcement ideas for every season and special occasion! 

But you can also find articles related to staying healthy during pregnancy and recommendations for stylish maternity wear.

3. Unfrazzled Mama

This mom blogger focuses on three areas in pregnancy: Pregnancy, labor, and postpartum recovery. 

The Unfrazzled Mama discusses a range of topics from medical interventions during labor, breastfeeding, and how to jumpstart labor.

4. Busy Witty Momma

Busy Witty Momma is a website focusing on bed rest tips (something I rarely see covered on pregnancy blogs), things to do before baby arrives and safe pregnancy exercises.

5. Fit As A Momma Bear

Shelby from Fit As A Momma Bear is a Certified Strength Coach and Nutrition Coach. 

She cleverly combines nutrition, healthy living, and pregnancy together. 

You can find her recommendations for healthy and delicious pregnancy snacks, pelvic floor exercises, and so much more.  

This is one of the pregnancy blogs that will be your go-to source for a healthy pregnancy in 2023!

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6. The Mommy Codes

The Mommy Codes adds personal beautiful photography to tips and advice for pregnant women. 

You can read articles about her own journey to motherhood through each trimester of pregnancy and more sensitive topics like dealing with postpartum depression (something that is not talked about ENOUGH!)

7. Mum In The Woods

Monica from Mum In The Woods has a pregnancy section devoted to a variety of topics including pregnancy announcements, natural remedies for pregnancy symptom relief, and hypnobirthing basics and tips!

8. Mama Kenna

Mama Kenna providers her readers with tones of baby name ideas, labor and delivery tips. 

Plus, after delivery MaKenna offers helpful postpartum tips for self-care.

9. Have Twins First

Who better to give advice to expecting mothers than a mom of twins?  You guessed it…  Have Twins First is dedicated to pregnancy with twins!  

This website will tell you everything to expect and know about twin pregnancy. 

In addition, the website also discusses other topics related to raising twins after pregnancy including breastfeeding and sleep training.

10. Lactation Mamas

Lactation Mamas offers advice about having a fit and healthy pregnancy including exercises and delivery advice. 

After delivery, Jada, a Certified Health Coach and Lactation Counselor offers a breastfeeding course to make sure you have plenty of support for feeding your newborn!


11. Mommy Explained

Mommy Explained covers many topics including baby show themes to try, postpartum must haves, and labor and delivery advice. 

This mama also has a free guide to help you prepare for the arrival of your little one!

12. Stork Mama

Stork Mama is one of my go to websites for everything pregnancy, labor, postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding. 

Plus, the website also covers the more sensitive topic of miscarriage loss.

13. Labor Nurse Mama

Labor Nurse Mama provides pregnant women with advice for covering morning sickness and other ailments.  On top of that the author discusses tips for having a successful VBAC!

14. Plus Size Birth

Are you a plus size mama?  Not finding enough resources for a plus size pregnancy and birth? 

Then, Plus Size Birth will be your best resource for pregnancy!  

This website helps women specifically deal with anything related to trying to conceive and pregnancy for plus size women. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out and have your questions answered!

15. Chronicles Of Mom Life

Chronicles of Mom Life is a website that provides advice on must have essentials for birth, hospital bag prep, and morning sickness remedies for pregnancy. 

The website also offers tricks for managing breastfeeding issues like mastitis’s.

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16. Pomegranate Mom

Pomegranate Mom offers pregnancy advice for treating annoying pregnancy systems like headaches, must have baby products, and how to tackle pregnancy during the pandemic. 

After pregnancy, you can find tips and advice for baby and child health, nutrition, and fun activities.

17. One Fit Mamma

One Fit Mamma is a website dedicated to pregnancy health, fitness, and overall tips till your due date. 

Once you delivery you can find postpartum recovery tips and postpartum fitness advice for losing the baby weight.

18. Ellie Mittenzwei

On this website you can journey through Ellie Mittenzwei pregnancy as becomes a mother and get a sneak peak of all her must have pregnancy products and cute maternity outfits!

19. Real Life Mama

Real Life Mama combines cute photos of her family while providing every mom to be with birth stories, high-risk pregnancy experiences, and other issues related to pregnancy. 

This website offers a unique view of all pregnancy topics because it addresses pregnancy issues and emotions of others going through pregnancy from a mental health prospective.

20. Smart Mom Ideas

Smart Mom Ideas is a “one stop shop” for everything related to pregnancy, postpartum care, and breastfeeding. 

After pregnancy you can find articles about solving family money matters, motherhood, and recipes for a busy family.

Final Thoughts

All these pregnancy blogs sound amazing, don’t they?!  That’s because they are! 

Whether your looking for advice from a nutrition and fitness coach, labor nurse, plus size birth experience, or a fellow mama, you will find it in each of these blogs.

They all offer a unique perspective on pregnancy with their personal experiences and tips and tricks for getting through pregnancy, labor/delivery, and beyond.  Now, don’t miss any of they great content… 

You can follow these pregnancy blogs in 2021 by subscribing to newsletters or following them on social media!


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