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Quarantine Date Ideas To Bring The Romance Back!

Quarantine Date Ideas To Bring The Romance Back!


Love lockdown?  The pandemic has made many aspects of life extra difficult this year. 

One are of life we didn’t think would be affected is our love lives.  

Yes, single people may be extra lonely and those who are quarantined with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse are now lacking in the romance department.  

Amazingly, working from home, and parenting without being able to do many things outside our home has completely killed the typical date night for millions of couples. 

But it’s not impossible to bring the romance back…

Couples just have to get more creative! 

To help bring the romance back to your relationship, try some of these fun quarantine date ideas!

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Quarantine Date Ideas

1. Play a video game

Many video games can be played with more than one person. 

All you need is a video game console of your choice and an agreed upon game you both would be interested in.  

Playing video games is one of the best quarantine date ideas to escape the monotony of quarantine!

2. Try a board game

Board games never get old!  Plus, most board games take a couple hours to complete to help you pass the time.

3. Roast marshmallows over a bonfire

Or hotdogs, boil hot coco under the stars.  It’s a perfect romantic date night for the two of you!

4. Take a virtual tour of a museum

You don’t have to leave your house to view the world anymore! 

Because of the pandemic many famous museums around the world are offering virtual tours!  

Here is a great list of 75 virtual museum tours for date night!

5. Dress up and have a candlelit dinner

Sometimes it’s nice to throw on your favorite little black dress for no reason. 

But in this case it can be for date night while stuck at home to impress a special someone. 

Then, light some candles, order take-out or cook a fancy meal to bring the two of you together.

6. Take a virtual yoga class

A relaxing yoga class may be what you need to relieve stress together. 

You can find plenty of free yoga sessions on YouTube!

7. Host a virtual double date night 

Know another couples stuck in quarantine and longing for any sort of outside human interaction? 

Reach out to your friends and schedule a double date night over Zoom!

8. Gather paint supplies and learn to paint together

Along with virtual museum tours and yoga classes you can also find painting tutorials online. 

So gather your paint supplies and some canvas and learn the techniques of painting!

9. Taste test wine and chocolate combinations

If you’ve never paired wine with chocolate before, you’re missing out!  But be warned that specific wines pair with different chocolates. 

Sometimes you can get a terrible combination if you start taste testing without a pairing guide to help you!

However, some combinations are incredible!  My personal favorite is Merlot with dark chocolate!

10. Cuddle and binge watch your favorite show

You’ve probably already been doing this right? 

Well, it still counts as one of the quarantine date ideas if you pop some popcorn and put the kids to bed early!

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Mama, Take Time For Yourself


11. Back yard movie night

You can either set up a projection screen with some lawn chairs or watch a movie on your tablet snuggled in a sleeping bag in a tent…  All right in your backyard!

12. Recreate your favorite restaurant recipes

Nothing tastes as good as your favorite recipe from your favorite restaurant! 

Thankfully, you can find ‘copycat’ recipes on Pinterest. 

Take some time to find your favorite recipe, order the ingredients through grocery pickup, and recreate the recipe at home for one of your quarantine date ideas!

13. Go for a walk or run through a park

As long as you maintain social distancing, there’s no harm in leaving your house to go for a romantic walk or run in the park.

14. Play 20 questions

Think of questions you’ve always wanted to ask your spouse or questions to get to know him or her better.  Write them down and take turns asking each other intriguing questions.

15. Picnic in your living room

Grab a blanket to lay on the floor and pack a picnic basket to have dinner on your living room floor.

16. Have a mystery ingredient cook off

Look in your pantry to gather ingredients (including unusual ones) to create a basket full of cooking ingredients for your boyfriend or husband. 

Then, challenge him to find mystery ingredient items for you so you both can have a mystery cook off! 

17. Karaoke

Karaoke is an entertaining pass time to say the least!  The best thing about quarantine date ideas like this one is you don’t have to be a good singer. 

Sometimes karaoke is the best when you’re the worst singer in the room!

It’s all about having fun!

18. Have a quickie

Yes, I said it…  But when’s the last time you and your partner had an intimate moment to yourself? 

If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about.  

It’s difficult to make time for intimacy with kids always around. 

The next time you have the opportunity, take it and just have a quickie!

19. Spa night

Men deserve some self-care pampering too!  Most likely due to being quarantined you can’t spend a luxurious evening at a spa for date night.  

But you can bring the spa to you!  Simply give each other mani-pedi’s, neck and back massages to relieve stress, and a facial!

20. Redesign a room in the house

After a while in quarantine, you’re probably looking around thinking your indoor decor is lacking a bit or the room setup is all wrong and doesn’t work for your family anymore. 

Why not use some of your downtime to have a creative date night involving redesigning a room from the top to bottom.  

Here’s some ideas for changing a room design:

-Replace old lighting fixtures (it’s amazing how this simple swap can affect an atmosphere in a room)

-Paint the walls

-Add an accent wall with wall paper

-Rearrange the furniture to make the room more functional

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21. Take virtual cooking classes

Cooking classes are for everyone!  If you love food, trying new recipes, love cooking, or need to learn how to cook because you burn Mac n’ Cheese…  Virtual cooking classes are for you!  

This article from Good Housekeeping lists the 10 best virtual cooking classes to help get you started for multiple nights of quarantine date ideas!

22. Plan a dream vacation

2020 SUCKS!  No one’s travelling. The beautiful countries we once travelled to are completely locked down. 

But there’s no reason you can’t spend your extra quarantine dates planning a vacation of your dreams!  

23. Teach your date a new skill or hobby

Is there a skill or hobby you know and love, but your spouse doesn’t?  Why not teach him a new skill?

24. Create a cupcake war

I don’t mean creating a food fight with cupcakes…  I mean you and your spouse picking a recipe and having a bake-off to see who can make the best cupcakes!

25. Dancy party

Play your favorite playlist and just dance!  Better yet, make the night more sultry with a sexier playlist of music and dim the lights.

26. Make a bucket list for the next 10 years

What do you want to do as a couple within the next 10 years?  Sit down and make a list together. 

When you have someone by your side, checking off the items on your bucket list become so much easier.

27. Start an indoor herb garden

Whether you’re quarantined in a tiny apartment or a house in the suburbs, anyone can create an herb garden!

28. Bowling in your living room 

You can always buy an indoor/outdoor bowling set, you can always make your own with water bottles and any ball you can find.

29. Watch your favorite childhood cartoons

Get nostalgic by binge watching your favorite childhood cartoons!

30. Camp out in the backyard

Set up a tent, a sleeping bag (for two) next to a campfire and make a romantic date night.

31. Hide and seek in the the dark

Find your inner child by playing hide and seek.  But take it up a notch by playing hide and seek in the dark.  

This can be played outside in the backyard or indoors.  Either way all you need is flashlights!

32. Write love letters and read them out loud

Corny, but romantic and cute all at the same time! 

Take some time to write a love letter either romantic or sexy for you and your spouse to read out loud.

33. Decorate for the holidays

Nothing lifts the mood of being trapped in quarantine than decorating for the holidays. 

Set up the Christmas tree, hang some garland, and string Christmas light on the house!

34. Order takeout from a new restaurant

Instead of ordering the same old take out or delivery, try a new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.  

35. Read a sexy romance novel (out loud)

There’s two types of people… Those who love romance novels and those that hate them. 

While the typical romance novel is heartfelt and romantic, a subgenre in romance novels is erotic romance.  

Be warned that erotic novels are racy and depict very illustrative scenes of sex and at times BDSM.  

However, if you’re wanting to spice things up, grab a romance or erotic novel and read it together out loud.

36. Puzzle night

Personally, I am not a puzzle person.  But many people are and puzzles provide a mental stimulation for yourself and bonding you and your spouse.  

37. Go for a bike ride

Along as your keeping your distance of six feet an occasional bike ride through a park or just around your neighborhood.  

Final Thoughts On Quarantine Date Ideas

Although your stuck at home, quarantine date ideas don’t have to be boring. 

Think out of the box and try anything and everything you can to to ease boredom and find ways to keep the romance going!


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