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Heavy Work Toddler Winter Activities For Sensory Integration

Heavy Work Toddler Winter Activities For Sensory Integration
toddler winter activities

Toddler winter activities can lack imagination at times due to cold snowy weather.  But that doesn’t mean winter needs to put a hold on fun!  While it may be cold outside, there are plenty of outdoor winter activities to provide more than just entertainment for your toddler.

Each of the following toddler winter activities combine creativity, heavy work activities, and sensory integrations for your child.  All just by playing outdoors in the snow!

If you live in a snowy climate during the winter months, get ready to introduce your child

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Toddler Winter Activities

Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow is a perfect heavy work activity because lifting the heaviness of the snow and throwing it to the side activates a pushing and pulling sensation on the body.  While this is one of the easiest toddler winter activities to do, it may get boring for your toddler.

To make shoveling snow more fun for your toddler, make a challenge out of it!  The first person to create the biggest pile in one minute wins!

Snow Shoeing

Snow shoeing does require your toddler to get use to walking with the snow shoes, but once they’re accustom to them your family can go on fun walking outings together!

Your toddler can hear the crunching of the snow under their feet, while using snow shoes to gain balance and coordination when walking.

Build A Snowman

Building a snowman is a childhood right of passage!  Start by helping your toddler learn how to pack snow between their hands to make a fist size ball.  Then have your toddler roll the ball on the snow cover ground.

Remember, your toddler doesn’t need to roll the snow into gigantic snowballs.  Instead, start with a snowman of three stacked snowballs the same height as your toddler.  This will make it much easier for your toddler to lift and stack the snowballs on top of one another giving them a feeling of accomplishment!

Make A Snow Angel

This is one of the simplest toddler winter activities to incorporate sensory integration and a heavy work activity!  Just instruct your child to lie down on their back, move their arm’s up and down, and their leg’s from side to side.

Your toddler can complete this Snow Angel pattern in the yard and create a whole field of angels!

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Build A Snow Fort

Bundle your toddler up tight!  Snow forts can take a great deal of time to make.  You can make a circular igloo type of fort or go square, simple to a castle look.

Thankfully, building a snow fort is a little easier with a snow fort building kit!

Create A Snow Maze

A snow maze combines shoveling snow or pushing the snow away with your hands to make pathways through the snow.  This will give your child the pushing and pulling sensation for a heavy work activity while activating multiple senses.

Plus, there’s a bit of imagination that needs to go into creating a snow maze too!  But, if you want to help your toddler out with creating a maze, try taking non-toxic tempera paint and creating a maze of lines in the yard for your child to follow.

Pull A Sled

Any sled with a pull rope attached works perfect this activity.  Pile some snow on the sled or another heavy object and have your child pull the sled around the yard.

Cover Your Toddler In Snow

Just like you would on a beach with sand…  Have your toddler sit down and bury their legs in snow.  This will create a deep pressure sensation on the body (even through a snow suit).

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Final Thoughts

For many families the winter months begin to feel mundane and families feel cooped-up in their homes.  Sometimes, you need a little outdoor adventure to change up your routine.  Toddler winter activities for the outdoors is a perfect way to combine heavy work activities with different sensory experiences.

Remember, a heavy work activity is any activity that “pushes or pulls against the body.”  The above toddler winter activities are great for adding heavy work to a toddler’s day to promote sensory integration.  Give these activities a try this winter and have some fun!

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