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50 Alluring Hawaiian Baby Names About Nature

50 Alluring Hawaiian Baby Names About Nature


Mahalo! Are you looking for an in-depth list of Hawaiian baby names?

Hawaiian names are deeply meaningful and seeped into Hawaiian heritage and tradition.

In traditional Hawaiian culture, baby names are chosen by elders or family members and are usually gender-neutral.

But even if you are not of Hawaiian descent, Hawaiian baby names are naturally beautiful and elegant and have evolved with modern times to suit new generations.

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The Meanings Of Hawaiian Baby Names

Hawaiian culture is deeply intertwined with nature. Therefore, baby names have meanings with the elements found in nature.

Nature elements like water, heavens/sky, mountain ranges, and more are used to create Hawaiian baby names.

Hawaiians believe in a deep connection to the elements of nature and the universe as a whole.

They call themselves Keiki o ka ‘Aina, which means “Children of the land.”  

According to Surfing For Life, people of Hawaiian descent consider the stars as their mother, the sky as their father, the Earth as their Grandmother, the Taro plant as an elder brother, and the Hawaiian Islands themselves as aunts and uncles.  

Choosing Baby Names

With Hawaiian culture being so engrained in nature, it’s important to remember cultural sensitivity when choosing a baby name.  

It is considered rude to name your child a Hawaiian name if he/she is not of Hawaiian descent. But there are Hawaiian names that are derived from western names.

When choosing any baby name it’s important to do in-depth research.

Hawaiian Baby Names For Girls Based On Nature

Alani- Orange tree

Haukea- Snow white

Haunani- Snow beauty

Hokaulani- Devine star

Iolana- Soaring bird

Iwalani- Royal seagull

Kailani- Beach and sky

Kehaulani- Dew from the sky

Leilani- Heavenly woman

Leimomi- Daughter of pearls

Lilinoe- Goddess of haze

Lokelani- Divine rose

Hawaiian baby names

Mahealani- Devine mist

Mano- Shark or a passionate lover

Momilani- Pearl from heaven

Nalani- Quiet skies

Puanani- Gorgeous flower

Waiola- Violet flower

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Hawaiian Baby Names For Boys Based On Nature

Ahe- Soft breeze

Aheahe- Gentle breeze

Akamu- Formed by God or Earth

Alaula- Light of dawn

Aolani- Heavenly or beautiful cloud

Aouli- Blue sky

Hanini- To pour down like rain

Hikialani- Looking at heaven

Hilo- On the first night of the new moon

Kahawai- A river

Kahili- Feather standard

Kaiholo- Moving sea

Kaikane- Masculine sea

Kaiko- Strong current in the sea

Kainalu- Ocean that billows

Kaimana- Diamond

Kaleho- Cowry shell

Kalon- The sky

Kapueo- Owl

Keahi- Flame

Keahilani- Heaven’s fire

Keanu- Chill breeze

Keonaona- Sweet fragrance

Konane- Shining moonlight

Lahahana- Warmth provided by the sun

Liko- Bud

Makani- Rocks

Maui- Maui island

Noelani- Dew from heaven

Pika- Rock

Uluwehi- Flourishing plants

Ziff- Wolf

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