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The 50 Best Unusual Baby Names

The 50 Best Unusual Baby Names


Are you pregnant and in search of the perfect baby name for your upcoming bundle of joy?  How about a name that is unusual and unique, yet beautiful?!

Choosing a baby name is no easy task!  There’s a million things to consider including origin, popularity and how it sounds with your last name.

If you’re like me, I don’t want to pick a popular name.  My baby will be his or her own unique person.  Therefore, he or she deserves a name that is beautiful and unique.

With my first child, I chose a name that was both beautiful sounding and biblical.  Plus, it was no where near the top 100 baby names… Ever!

If you’re looking for a unique name that’s not popular, this is the baby name list for you!  Let’s help you find the perfect unusual baby names for your baby!

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Origin: Egyptian 

Meaning: “Stern”


Origin: English

Meaning: “Number one, the best”


Origin: Gaelic, Scottish

Meaning: “Defends mankind”

Alastair is one of the most unusual baby names that means to "defend mankind."


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Lion”


Origin: German

Meaning: “Noble ruler”


Origin: Scandinavian, Swedish

Meaning: “Bear”


Origin: Gaelic, Irish

Meaning: “Ancient”

Cian is one of the most unique baby names that means "ancient."


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: “Free man”


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: “Island”


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Faithful”


Origin: African

Meaning: “Thursday’s child,” “Born on the fifth day of the week”


Origin: Old English

Meaning: “Grey land,” “Home land”

Harlyn is one of the most unique baby names that means "grey land."


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Ianto means John in Welsh; “Yahweh is gracious”


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: “Righteous,” “Proper one”


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “Intelligent second son,” “Strong and vigorous”


Origin: American

Meaning: “The lake”


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “River with alder trees”


Origin: English

Meaning: “Friend from the north”

Norvin is one of the most unusual baby names that means "friend from the north."


Origin: Persian

Meaning: “Will,” “Consent”


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: “Camp of glory,” “Military glory”


Origin: German

Meaning: “Of high quality,” “Pure”

Stirling is one of the mot unique baby names that means "pure or of high quality."


Origin: African

Meaning: “Exalted”


Origin: Teutonic

Meaning: “Spirit”


Origin: Italian

Meaning: “Life”


Origin: English

Meaning: Short for Wilfred; “Peace”

Wilf is one of the most unique baby names that's short for Wilfred and means "peace."

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Origin: Celtic; Irish

Meaning: “Fire,” “Joy,” “Ardent”


Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Ethereal”


Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Little loved one”

Amorita is a one of the most unusual baby names that means "little loved one."


Origin: Irish

Meaning: “From the great river”


Origin: English

Meaning: “Sky-blue”


Origin: Irish 

Meaning: One of the three daughters of libra, a poet.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Of the universe”

Cosimia tops the list as one of the most unique baby names that means "of the universe."


Origin: Teutonic

Meaning: “Good humor”


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “Angel”


Origin: English

Meaning: “Festive party,” “joyful”

Gala tops of the list of one of the most unusual baby names that means "joyful."


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Life,” “Animal”


Origin: Finnish

Meaning: “Lily”

Lilija is one of the most unique baby names that means "lily."


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “True” “Straight” “Benefit” “Reason”


Origin: Dutch, German

Meaning: “Resolute protector”


Origin: African, Egyptian

Meaning: “Born in prosperity” “Born to wealthy parents”


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Light”


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “Auspicious speech” “Good repute”


Origin: Scandinavian, Swedish

Meaning: “Womanly, from the woman’s estate”


Origin: Egyptian

Meaning: “Righteous”


Origin: English

Meaning: Reborn


Origin: Irish

Meaning: “Loyal to God” “Strong”


Origin: Old German

Meaning: “Mighty in battle”


Origin: Scandinavian, Hawaiian, Celtic

Meaning: “Wealthy” “Gem of the sea” “Sacred red”


Origin: Hebrew, Greek, Latin

Meaning: Another form of the name Jane; “God is gracious” “Butterfly” “Brings good news”


Origin: Greek, Spanish

Meaning: “Violet flower”

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Final Thoughts

Nowadays, millennial parents are looking for baby names that are different, unique and unusual.  Many parents don’t want the same name that’s been used by millions of parents before them.  

Now that I’m pregnant with my second child, I am on the hunt for an uncommon name.  While I want to use unique baby names, I need a name that easy to pronounce and sounds beautiful.

If you’re looking for unique baby names, this list will get you started with ideas.  Or you may just even fall in love with multiple baby names above.

When trying to decide on baby names, look for these key elements:

  • Does the name sound good with your last name?
  • Would you get tired of hearing that name over and over?
  • Is it a name that is too different where it could lead to many people pronouncing it wrong?
  • Do you like the name, but hate the spelling?
  • Is the name liable to get your child teased a lot in school?

If you still can’t decide on a name, try narrowing your list of baby names with your spouse.  

A word of advice:  Although family and friends are a great help with supplying you with potential baby names, their not always positive when it comes to helping you narrow down your list.  Each family member has their own list of favorite baby names.  Trust me, your family members may just try to change your mind about the names you picked.

Stray on the side of caution when it comes to letting others know about your list of potential baby names.  

I hope this list gives you an idea of some unique potential baby names you can add to your list!  I know a few of the names above have caught my attention.

So which unusual baby names are your favorite?


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