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140 Delightful Italian Baby Names

140 Delightful Italian Baby Names


Italian baby names have a special characteristic- They are beautiful!  Both boy and girl names never fail to disappoint! 

The names all have a beautiful quality to them that makes them almost sound musical.

Whether you’re of Italian descent from your grandmother’s side or you love and appreciate Italian cuisine and culture, there’s a perfect baby name for you!

Add one of these Italian baby names to your baby name list to consider for the near future!

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Boy Italian Baby Names

Adalberto- Aristocratic and bright

Alessandro- Defender of men

Alfio- Fair skinned

Amadeo- God’s love

Ambrogio- Everlasting

Angelo- God’s messenger

Antonio- Worthy of praise

Aristide- Finest

Armani- Longing for

Arsenio- Virile, potent, strong

Aurelio- Gilded or golden

Benedetto- The blessed one

Benito- Blessed one

Biaggio- Stammering or stuttering

Bonavento- Good future

Celso- Exalted one

Cesare- Head full of hair

Colombo- Dove

Cornelio- Horn

Cosimo- Courtesy or order

Cristiano- Christian man

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Irish Baby Girl Names

Danilo- The Lord is my judge

Dante- Steadfast and faithful

Demonte- Living near the top of a mountain

Dino- Various

Domenico- The Lord’s child

Donatello- Donated

Durante- Steadfast

Emilio- Rival or challenger

Enzo- Ruler of the house

Ercole- Hera’s glory

Eugenio- Of noble descent

Fabio- Bean farmer

Fabrizio- Skilled worker

Faustino/Fausto- Fortunate

Flavio- Golden-haired

Franco- French man

Geronimo- Holy name

Giambattista- John the Baptist

Guiliano- Wearing a soft beard

Jenoah- Unclear

Lando- Unclear

Lazzaro- My helper is God

Larenzo- City of Laurels

Luciano- Light of the day

Marcello- Pledged to Mars

Marco- Rendered to Mars or warlike

Marino- Rendered to Mars

Maurizio/Mauro- Dark skinned person

Michelangelo- Michael, the angel

Nazario- From Nazareth

Nero- The strong one

Ottavio- Eighth

Palmiro- Pilgrimage or religious expedition

Paolo- Tiny or petite

Pasquale- Easter or related

Placido- Calm or placid

Portfirio- Purple

Prospero- According to one’s wishes

Renato- Reborn

Renzo- City of laurels

Ricci- Crinkly or curly

Romano/Romeo- Coming from Rome

Salvatore- Savior

Santino- Saint

Saverio- New home

Sabastiano- From Sebastos

Sergio- One who serves or attendant

Severin/Severo- Austere or grim 

Silvano- Man from the woods

Silvestro- From the woods

Soren- Severe or grim

Tito- Honored

Tonio- Worthy of admiration or praise

Valentino- Hale and healthy

Valerio- Powerful and strong

Ventury- Good luck or fortune 

Vitale- Vital

Vito- Full of life 

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Girl Italian Baby Names

Agata- Good-hearted

Alba- Fair or white

Alessa- Protector of humanity

Alessandra- Protector of humanity

Allegra- Happy or joyous

Alma- Caring or fostering

Amanda- One who deserves love

Anastasia- Resurrection

Angela- God’s messenger

Antonia- Invaluable

Aria- Air

Ariana- Holiest one

Augusta- Exalted

Aurela- Golden

Aurora- Sunrise

Bambi- Little girl

Barbara- Stranger or foreigner

Beatrice- Voyager

Berenice- victory bearer

Bibiana- Full of life

Bice- Voyager

Capriana- Unclear

Cara- Darling

Carola- Free woman

Cassandra- Shine upon mankind

Cecilia- Blinded

Celeste- Sublime

Celia- Blinded

Chiara- Bright and clear

Claudia- Feeble woman

Cornelia- Horn

Cosima- Courtesy or order

Damiana- The taming one

Daria- Owner of goodness

Diana- Divine woman

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Emilia- Competitor or rival

Eugenia- Woman well-born

Eulalia- Good talker

Fabia- Lovely bean

Fabiola- Lovely bean

Faustina- The lucky one

Febe- Brightest of women

Filippa- Friend of horses

Flavia- Golden-haired woman

Flora- Like a flower

Francesca- Woman from France

Fulvia- Blonde-haired

Gaia- From the Earth

Gina- Queen

Giulia- Soft-haired

Giustina- Fair or rightful

Gloria- Woman of glory

Isa- Promise of God

Isabella- Promise of God

Ladonna- Lady-like

Lauretta- Bay laurel tree

Lia- Beautiful rose

Lorenza- Laurel tree

Marcella- Young warrior or rendered to Mars

Marina- From the shore

Marissa- Of the sea

Final Thoughts

Which one of the Italian baby names do you choose?  They’re all so beautiful and unique!  While some names have made their way into the mainstream population of baby names, others have only stood the test of time in Italy.

So how do you choose?  

Save this article first!  That way you can come back anytime and go over the list again with your significant other.  Then, sit down and write a list of baby names that speak to you.  Consider giving the name a try!

Say the name out loud.  Figure out if the name pairs well with a middle and your last name.  Next, pair different baby names together with your last name to find the perfect one for your baby to be!

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