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13 Best Books For Speech Therapy And Development

13 Best Books For Speech Therapy And Development

The concern many parents have about their children is the progress of their speech development.

Speech development begins once a baby begins making babbling sounds.

Those babbling sounds are actually a form of communication!

Babbling will naturally progress into word formations.

But what can you do to help progress speech development in your baby or toddler?

Pick up one of these 15 best books for speech therapy and development!

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Best Books For Speech Therapy And Speech Development

Hop On Pop

Hop On Pop is a classic Dr. Seuss book that keeps small children entertained and engaged through colorful illustrations and repetitive word rhyming.

This book is perfect for younger children to teach three letter words that rhym together.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

This children’s classic combines asking questions that build upon one another. 

Questions, animal identification, and rhyming all help children with repetition makes it one of the best books for speech development.

Little Blue Truck

After the popular release of Little Blue Truck, Alice Schertle has created multiple Little Blue Truck books. 

Each are equally fun and helpful for speech development.  

These books teach children new sound words like “Beep”, “Oink”, “Cluck”, and more to explore the environment around the farm.

Other books in the Little Blue Truck series include:

best books for speech therapy

Where The Wild Things Are

By far one of the most famous children’s books, Where The Wild Things Are has now been adapted into a movie and an opera.  And for good reason!

Where The Wild Things Are not only takes your child on an adventure through an island of magical creatures and uses new descriptive words throughout the story to introduce and broaden speech development.

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Five Little Monkeys

You guessed it… Five Little Monkeys are based on the children’s nursery rhyme. 

This book is perfect for younger children to learn early number recognition, sequence counting, rhyming and repetition to reinforce language.

Bears On Chairs

Bears On Chairs takes the similar concepts presented in Five Little Monkeys. 

Bears On Chairs is a rhyming book that teaches children how to count and problem solve with small numbers.

Go, Dog Go

This classic Dr. Suess story teaches children simple words to recognize and say different vehicles like bicycles, skiis, roller skates, and more all while learning variations of dogs (big, small, white, black, etc).

Goodnight, Gorilla

Goodnight, Gorilla uses easy to follow repetition to say good night to each animal at the zoo. 

Your child will learn to recognize common animal names along with what they look like.

Is Your Mama A Llama?

This book with lovely illustrations uses rhyming and riddles to create an animal guessing game to help Lloyd a baby llama discover who everyone’s mama is.


best books for speech therapy Pete The Cat: I Love My White Shoes

While Pete The Cat books are fairly new to children’s bookshelves they are rapidly gaining popularity because they are some of the best books for speech development.  

Pete The Cat doesn’t let adversity stand in his way.  He continues to walk through piles of messes with white socks still singing. 

While he does this your child will learn about colors and how color combine to make new colors.

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Clap Your Hands

Clap Your Hands is a fun interactive book that introduces new words related to sound and movement. 

Children can learn words like “stomp”, “wiggle”, and “roar” as they learn to imitate the sounds and movements as well.

Did You Take The B From My _ook?

This children’s book is a little more advance and is suitable for children ages 4 thru 8. 

While most children will be speaking by this age range, if your child is struggling with recognizing words or a language delay this is the perfect book!

Did You Take The B From My ook? explores different words and sound effects with the letter B, plus introduces a child to a guessing game with words to improve comprehension.

Blue Hat, Green Hat

Sandra Boynton books remains some of my children’s favorite books. 

Blue Hat, Green Hat introduces simple and easy to understand phrases for younger children while teaching them to identify clothing items and colors associated with them.

Final Thoughts About Best Books For Speech Therapy

Books are an exceptional tool for teaching children new words, rhyming, phrases, and new concepts. 

When looking for one of the best books for speech development look for books that include repetition. 

Repetition is the use of repeat words and phrases to help your child remember new language words and speech sounds. 

This will help your child remember new words and expand their speech development. 

To increase speech and language, try one of the best books for speech therapy and speech development that made this list!

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