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4 Top Fertility Friendly Lubricants To Try

4 Top Fertility Friendly Lubricants To Try


Can we be honest for a moment? When you’re trying to make a baby, sometimes you don’t feel in the mood to have sex.

When this happens, timed intercourse is the last thing you want to do.

Especially if you’ve experienced months of negative pregnancy tests.

Sex can start to feel like a chore, instead of a baby making adventure.

Unfortunately, even if you’re not in the mood, timed sex still needs to happen to make a baby.

To help you along with your fertility journey, here the top 4 fertility friendly lubricants to make trying to conceive a little easier!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click on them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Fertility Friendly Lubricants To Try:

1. PreSeed

I start with this lubricant because it is my go-to lubricant when I’m trying to conceive!

While there’s much debate whether fertility friendly lubricants help you conceive, I firmly believe PreSeed help me conceive both my boys.

Keep in mind however, I use specific combination of methods to become pregnant because of my family’s struggle with infertility.

I use the following combination to become pregnant: Ovulation tracking, SoftCup, PreSeed, fertility medication and donor sperm.

PreSeed is a wonderful addition for when my husband and I inseminate with donor sperm.

Trust me, it’s not really sexy having to inseminate with donor sperm, so my own cervical mucus is often lacking… And that’s not great for those little swimmers!

This lubricant not only makes insemination easier, but PreSeed helps sperm travel better.

The faster sperm get to where they need to be the more likely you are to conceive.

PreSeed is able to mimic the pH and consistency of cervical mucus making it a more hospitable environment for sperm.

I think one of the best parts about this TTC lubricant is that it comes with one-use plastic applicators.

Compared to traditional lubricants (which harm sperm) PreSeed needs to be placed inside the vagina near the cervix achieve the best results.

I’d recommend inserting PreSeed prior to sex and waiting 3 to 5 minutes before having sex.

This allows plenty of time for the lubricant to warm up and mix with your own cervical mucus to create a hospitable environment so sperm can swim freely.

During my own inseminations I actually insert PreSeed prior to insemination as well as mixed in with frozen donor sperm in a SoftCup.

Don’t worry I’ll be writing an article about this method of conceiving at a later time, so stay tuned!

I will warn you- PreSeed is very slippery! A little goes a long way and you definitely do not have to worry about any friction!

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2. Conceive Plus

Conceive Plus is my second choice for one of the best fertility friendly lubricants for trying to conceive couples.

It is FDA cleared and developed by Harvard doctors. Impressed? Let me keep going!

Conceive Plus (just like PreSeed) helps mimic cervical mucus to keep sperm healthy and strong, but it does what PreSeed doesn’t do…

It adds two essential ions of magnesium and calcium to help sperm maintain cell viability to assist fertilization.

Another great addition to this lubricant is that it’s applied like regular lubricants. No applicator or insertion needed!

But if you’re like me and prefer less mess than Conceive Plus also has the same TTC lubricant with single use applicators.

Fertility friendly lubricants could be romance back to TTC.

3. Isolove BabyDance

Created by Fairhaven Health, Isolove BabyDance is perfect for adding extra lubricant when trying to conceive.

This lubricant uses a patented sperm friendly formula made without parabens to mimics pH, salt levels and consistency of cervical mucus.

By using Isolove BabyDance studies have shown it…

  • Allows sperm increased motility
  • Helps maintain sperm’s DNA structure and quality
  • Doesn’t interefere with sperms ability to fertilize an embryo

Isolove BabyDance goes through extensive testing to ensure a quality TTC lubricant that doesn’t harm sperm and increases its ability to reach and fertilize a waiting embryo.

This lubricant also comes with 10 single use applicators for easy non-messy application.

4. Cervical Mucus

Yes, your cervical mucus is the most natural and effective fertility friendly lubricants.

But what happens when you’re experiencing vaginal dryness from fertility medication or lack of romance due to trying to conceive?

Vaginal dryness is an unpleasant side effect of many fertility medications.

However, lack of cervical mucus from medications doesn’t necessarily decrease your chances of conception, it’s just a really annoying symptom that doesn’t make sex very pleasurable.

Thankfully there are many ways you can increase cervical mucus naturally and through supplementation!

Be aware that not all supplements mix well with fertility medication! If you’re taking fertility medication ALWAYS make sure to discuss natural supplements with your doctor before taking them.

FertileCM contains calcium, L-Arginine, antioxidants and vitamin C to address three common associated with trying to conceive:

  1. Low amount of cervical mucus
  2. Thin uterine lining
  3. Low sex drive

Although FertileCM is a supplemental pill not a lubricant, it in turn helps increase endometrial secretions to promote a thicker uterine and more cervical mucus production.

One of the best parts about FertileCM is that unlike many other fertility supplements, you can begin taking it at any time during your menstrual cycle and it will not affect your period negatively!

While taking extra pills each day is a nuisance, it is worth it to promote your own production of cervical mucus along with a health thick uterine lining ready for implantation.

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What To Look For In Fertility Friendly Lubricants

While the fertility friendly lubricants above is not an extensive list, these are the four best TTC lubricants to use!

There are many lubricants on the market today. However, they are not sperm friendly!

Even if the lubricant claims to not contain spermicide, those non-TTC lubricants slow the movement of sperm which harm your chances of conceiving.

When looking for TTC lubricant, you need to stray on the side of caution.

The last thing you want is something as simple as using the wrong lubricant to hinder your chances of conception.

If you’re unsure whether a lubricant is sperm friendly or not, avoid the following ingredients or sayings:

  • Low pH (pH needs to be at a 7 to be sperm friendly)
  • Chemicals like glycerol and parabens
  • Labels that read “non-spermicidal”
  • “Organic/Natural” lubricants that have not been cleared by the FDA
  • Household oils like canola or coconut oil (inflammatory chemicals and toxic peroxides develop over time)

Fertility friendly lubricants provide a healthy environment to promote implantation.

Final Thoughts

When you’re trying to conceive a baby, you could use all the help you can get!

As the months (or even years) are measured through negative pregnancy tests, your fertility journey become a little discouraging.

The thought of having timed sex is not the most romantic thing in the world.

Nothing kills romance more than ovulation tests and timed sex!

Because of this, I believe fertility friendly lubricants are a MUST for every TTC couple!

When I was going through 2 and 1/2 years of trying for a baby, just the thought of sex was gross to me! I know that might sound really mean… But it’s the truth!

It’s not the fault of my husband. Just too much disappointment over the endless months of trying, fertility medications and IUI’s.

Thankfully, we always kept PreSeed in the nightstand drawer.

Although I love and stand by the effectiveness of PreSeed, I have also used Conceive Plus and it is very similar to PreSeed in feel and consistency.

I also used FertileCM before starting fertility medications and YES it does increase your cervical mucus!

If you’re trying to conceive, the top four fertility friendly lubricants are the best for helping aid in conception!

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