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DIY Halloween Decor For Outside

DIY Halloween Decor For Outside


Looking for the perfect DIY Halloween decor for outside your home?

This year I’ve created a cheap DIY Halloween decor idea for outside my front door: A spooky yet, beautiful Halloween flower arrangement.  

I headed to my local Dollar Tree store and found some amazing and cheap items to build this floral arrangement. 

Now, I am sharing all the details and instructions with you!

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How To Make A DIY Halloween Decor For Outside

Can you believe I made this cheap DIY Halloween decor flower arrangement from items I found at the dollar store!?

Yes, everything used for the Halloween flower arrangement was found at the Dollar Store.

My inspiration for this flower arrangement was simple… I wanted it to blend in well with the existing black and purple decor outside.

Now. Let me show you how to make this wonderful Halloween decor item to use as a table centerpiece or right outside your front door!

Here’s the supplies you will need:

  • 1 plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin (Dollar Tree)
  • Artificial purple flowers with fabric bats (Dollar Tree)
  • Artificial black flowers with glitter skulls (Dollar Tree)
  • Black spray paint
  • Orange glitter pumpkins (Dollar Tree)
  • Purple glitter branches (Dollar Tree)
  • Purple decorative mesh tubing (Dollar Tree)
  • Green floral foam blocks (Dollar Tree)
  • Large hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Jewelry wire cutters
  • Small rocks (to weigh down the pumpkin for outside use)

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Instructions For Making A DIY Halloween Decor For Outside

Step 1: Paint the plastic pumpkin

You will need to purchase black spray paint that bonds to plastic.

If not, regular black spray paint will easily scratch off!  Let the plastic pumpkin fully dry outside before doing anything else. 

Snip off the handle as you won’t be needing it for this project.

I choose a matte finish, but you’re welcome to try a satin finish!  It all depends on the look you’re going for.

Step 2: Snip apart the flowers

Since the black and purple artificial flowers are most likely in a bunch, use your wire cutters to separate each flower individually at the base. 

I did this to make sure I could arrange the flowers however I wanted and to make sure they were evenly spaced. 

You can also use this step to snip and separate any glitter accent branches you might have as well!

Step: Prepare the inside of the plastic pumpkin

This step involves multiple steps in one.  But let me walk you through it!  

First, add rocks to the bottom of the pumpkin to weigh it down.  The last thing you want is for a large wind gust to blow your beautiful creation away. 

After the rocks are added, cut and shape the green foam to sit on top of the rocks inside the pumpkin.

Step 3: Start placing flowers

Plugin the large hot glue gun if you haven’t already. 

Now, before inserting the flowers into the green foam, hot glue about 1 inch of the bottom of the flower stem.  This will help secure the flowers into the foam. 

Then, simply push the flower stem into the foam.


Step 4: Add accent glitter purple branches 

Again, I found both the glitter purple branches at the Dollar Tree! 

Hopefully, you can find the same ones…  But repeat step three with the branches… 

Hot glue and push into green foam.  Repeat!

I placed the branches randomly throughout the floral arrangement where there was some extra space between the flowers.

Step 5: Place the accent pumpkins and accent tubing

Cut the purple mesh tubing to whatever length you like. 

I attached the mess tubing to the long sticks of the glitter accent pumpkins in a loop, hot glued the end of the stick, and pushed it through the foam block along the outside of the floral arrangement to give it extra (pop).

You can also just attach one end of the mesh tubing to the stick of the glitter pumpkins and simply hang it over the edge of the plastic pumpkin to get a “cascading” type look.  It’s all up to how you like it!

Step 6: Place outside

Place your DIY Halloween decor for outside by a fence gate, front door, back door, or wherever you think it will accent your home this Halloween.  And above all enjoy!  

If you’re looking for more crafts made from Dollar Tree items, check out this article for making a DIY Dog Snuffle Mat!

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Final Thoughts

DIY Halloween decor for outside your home doesn’t have to be expensive!  All the flowers, accent pieces, and even the foam blocks were bought at the Dollar Tree or one buck or less!  

The total cost to make this cheap DIY Halloween decor item cost me $20!

All you need to do now is let your imagination run wild to replicate this easy and cheap Halloween floral arrangement outside your home this October! 

And of course, make a trip to your local Dollar Tree or Dollar store!  

Happy Halloween crafting!


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