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How To Make A Valentine’s Day Tulle Wreath

How To Make A Valentine’s Day Tulle Wreath


Now that Christmas is over, you may be left with a lack of holiday spirit. But it’s now time to take down your Christmas door wreath and get set for celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Gather your supplies and get ready to make a beautiful and romantic style Valentine’s Day tulle wreath!

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How To Make A Valentines Day Tulle Wreath

1. Gather supplies

Start by gathering your supplies! You only need a handful of supplies to complete this wreath. So grab the following supplies:

  1. Crafting scissors
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. 2 rolls of black tulle
  4. 2 rolls of red tulle
  5. 2 rolls of red polypro mesh
  6. Wire wreath frame
  7. Artificial roses
  8. Floral stem wire

Now you want to start with your black tulle. All the black tulle will be attached to the second outside wire of the wreath frame.
Start by cutting 12-inch strands of black tulle. Since you have two rolls of black tulle you will need to cut many 12 inch strands to complete this wreath.

But I promise it is well worth it!

2. Create a knot

Scrunch up the 12-inch tulle (one piece at a time) and connect the two ends of the tulle. Loop around your finger.

Then, take your finger and the tulle and loop it under the wire and pull the ends through the loop where your finger is.

Tighten by pulling the ends tight.

Valentine's Day tulle wreath

3. Continue to loop and form knots

Loop and form knots with the black tulle until the entire second wire rung is filled.

It is up to you how much tulle you want on the wire. The closer and tighter the tulle knots are the more full the wreath will look.

Valentine's Day tulle wreath

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4. Move on to the red tulle

Cut 9-inch threads of the red tulle, just like you did with the black tulle.

With the ted tulle, you can always go a little shorter in length but I would not go less than 6 inches.

Complete the same process of looping and knotting red tulle on the third rung. Keep going until the entire third wire rung is filled with red tulle.

5. Cut the red polypro mesh

I will say the polypro mesh is hard to work with because it will want to stick to the tulle.

To prevent this, I would suggest folding the red and black tulle back or rotating it around.

Start cutting 9-inch strips of mesh. Then, roll the mesh to create a tube. Similar to how you roll a cinnamon roll!

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6. Combine and attach the polypro mesh to the wire.

Combine three rolled red polypro mesh tubes together. Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the three mesh tubes and the inner wireframe.

Twist tightly and cut off the excess pipe cleaner to use on other mesh bundles.

Continue on rolling mesh tubes, combining three tubes together and attaching to the inner wire rung at the bottom

7. Trim and attach flowers

Now that you have the polypro red mesh on the bottom of the inner wire rung, you need to start attaching your artificial red roses.

I purchased long stem roses and had to completely remove most of the stem except for two inches. Then, once the flower was left with a two-inch stem I wrapped and floral mesh wire around the stem.

Next, you want to wrap the floral wire around the wreath wire rung. I then added the leaves from the flower stem, wrapped them with wire, and attached them to the wreath.

I found alternating between roses and leaves when attaching them to the wreath was the best way to go. I also went back and filled any wire I could see and attached more leaves to fill the gaps.

You can always use different colored flowers! I choose red, but white, pink, and black would all look gorgeous with this wreath.

8. Trim the edges

If some of the edges of the tulle are not symmetrical, take your craft scissors and cut some of the edges that stick out too far.

This will create a much more beautiful look!

9. Hang and admire

Hang on your front or back door and admire the hard work you did to make the Valentine’s Day tulle wreath.

Final Thoughts

This Valentine’s Day tulle wreath is highly customizable. Mix and match different color combinations like pinks, reds, and whites as well to give the wreath a more fun feel.

Of course, for this wreath, I went with a more ‘romantic and classic’ feel. But do what works best for you and enjoy the process of making this gorgeous wreath to enjoy year after year!

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Monday 17th of January 2022

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