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9 Danger Signs Of A Divorce To Look For

9 Danger Signs Of A Divorce To Look For

When you think about my marriage, do you ever find yourself thinking something strange?

You are able to identify what that something is all the time, but other times you are unable to.

In order for a relationship to be successful, it takes effort from more than one party involved in the relationship.

A marriage is not an exception to this rule. In point of fact, marriage requires a greater amount of tender, loving care because if you want to remain in it for the long haul, you need to put the effort into caring for your spouse and your relationship as a whole.

This is true whether you want to stay in it for the long haul or not.

Things happen in life, and sometimes it’s just inevitable that two people will drift apart.

But the most important thing is that you acknowledge when there is a significant problem in your marriage, such as when you have the feeling that something is missing from the marriage.

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Signs Of A Divorce Coming

You don’t date anymore

Not other individuals, but rather one another! Going out on dates with your spouse is a great way to spend quality time together, even though the two of you are already married.

Unfortunately, it is common for a person’s work and family obligations to interfere with their ability to date their spouse.

When other things in your life are more important, going on dates might have to take a back seat.

If you and your spouse start skipping date nights or don’t make spending time together a priority in your marriage, this could be one of the early warning signs that a divorce is on the horizon.

You’re having sex less often

Intimacy of the physical kind is vital to the success of any marriage. We gain a sense of being wanted, cared for, and loved when we are physically touched.

When the opportunity to physically touch someone becomes less frequent, you start to wonder: “What could possibly be wrong with me? I don’t understand why he or she doesn’t want me.”

It’s also possible that you’re withholding sex from your partner because you feel resentful or like you’re being taken for granted in the relationship.

In either case, the absence of sexual activity for extended stretches of time is one of the early warning signs that a divorce may be on the horizon.

You’re thinking of the future without your spouse

This is one of the most telling signs that a divorce is imminent! Why?

You are in the process of literally thinking about the future, but when you picture your future, your spouse is not a part of it.

This line of thinking indicates one thing: both your mind and heart are already checking out of your marriage because you are imagining what life would be like if you were to be separated from your partner.

signs of a divorce

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You disagree about money

In the United States, one of the leading contributors to the decision to divorce is financial strain.

These are the most trying times in recent memory.

During the pandemic, the cost of everything, including food and other necessities, has increased, putting a significant financial strain on millions of people across the country.

But if you and your spouse (or you and yourself) can’t agree on how your finances should be handled, or if one of you is spending too much money, then the conditions for a perfect storm are created in the marriage.

If both partners in a marriage are not on the same page with regard to financial matters, this will only lead to more argument and conflict within the relationship, neither of which can be resolved by acquiring more money.

You feel alone

When you’re in a relationship with someone but they act more like your roommate than your lover and spouse, it can be challenging.

Because you are being ignored in some way or another, the feeling of being alone is a sign that you should start the process of getting a divorce.

It’s possible that your partner no longer engages in meaningful conversation with you about how their day went, or that he or she is glued to their phone the whole time…

Even though there is another person in the room with you at all times, you are left with the impression that you are all alone in the relationship.

There’s brewing resentment or contempt

One of the most telling indicators that a marriage is on its way to the brink of dissolution is the presence of resentment.

This is due to the fact that when you first begin to feel resentment or contempt toward your spouse, it is highly likely that you do not recognize it.

However, as time goes on, the resentment that you feel toward your spouse begins to grow.

Imagine that you are slowly constructing a house out of resentment brick by brick.

That fictitious house you’re constructing right now is made up of bricks of resentment, each one representing a different issue regarding which you hold your partner in contempt.

Every one of those bricks is supposed to stand for a different instance in which you felt that your spouse treated you unfairly during your marriage.

However, you have a history of bottling up your emotions and pretending they don’t exist.

The problem is that when feelings of resentment are stuffed down inside and are not communicated to your spouse, they only fester and get worse over time.

The problem is that when these feelings are stuffed down inside and are not communicated to your spouse.

Communication is breaking down

Every married couple has arguments! I will venture to say that if you do not argue with one another on occasion, there may be communication problems that remain unresolved.

Fights between partners are normal and even beneficial to the health of a relationship.

If, on the other hand, a fight breaks out every time you talk to your husband or wife, then something is wrong, and this could be one of the signs that you should get a divorce.

Looking for love outside of marriage

It’s perfectly acceptable to look at another person and find them attractive, but it’s another thing to go looking for love outside your marriage.

With the world of social media, it’s the easy than ever to find love on dating apps.

The problem is… Even though you may not be physically cheating, you are opening the door to emotional cheating, which can lead to infidelity and is one of the big signs of a divorce.

When you’re open to the idea of love from someone else, you’ve already emotional “check out” of your marriage and are less committed to your spouse and your marriage as a whole.

signs of a divorce

One person doesn’t see a problem

There is a good chance that you are keeping your problems in your marriage to yourself and suffering in silence, or that you have tried to talk to your partner about them but their responses have been unhelpful.

It takes two people to make a marriage successful over the course of its entirety.

In a marriage where one partner is miserable and the other does all the work to keep the marriage together, it is a major issue if the other partner does not acknowledge that there is a problem in the marriage at all.

Your needs are completely disregarded and disregarded to the point of oblivion when this occurs because your partner is “comfortable” with the way things are in your marriage.

On the other hand, marriage is something in which you should feel at ease.

When trying to improve a relationship, there should always be two people working together on it.

Many people, as the years pass, have a tendency to become overly comfortable with their partner, and as a result, they do not feel the need to “work” on their relationship.

If one partner in the relationship doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the union, then they won’t try to fix it.

Then you are doomed to repeat the same marriage mistakes over and over again.

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Final Thoughts

These are not the only possible signs of impending divorce, though. Every marriage and every couple are unique in their own right.

On the other hand, these indicators of impending divorce are pretty standard. When something doesn’t feel right in your partnership, it can be a warning sign for many marriages that a breakup may be on the horizon.

Sometimes you can put your finger on exactly what is causing that feeling, but if you read the signs of divorce listed above, hopefully you will have a better understanding of why you are feeling the way you are.

The question that arises next is, “What action are you going to take in response to this?”

First off, try not to freak out! The fact that your marriage is displaying warning signs that it will soon end in divorce does not mean that it cannot be salvaged and brought back to health.

Don’t just up and leave to start a new life somewhere else!

Instead, make the effort to sit down and have a meaningful discussion with your partner!

There is a good chance that they, too, are getting the impression that something in the marriage is no longer functioning properly, but they are too afraid to say anything for fear of reticule.

It is impossible to make progress in a relationship without first having an honest discussion about the issues that need to be addressed.


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