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Danger Signs Of A Divorce

Danger Signs Of A Divorce

Do you ever find yourself thinking something off with my marriage. Sometimes you can name what that something is and other times you can’t.

All relationships take a certain amount of work from more than one person to be successful.

A marriage is no different. In fact, marriage needs more tender loving care because if you want to stay in it for the long haul, you need to put the work into caring for your spouse and your relationship as a whole.

Life happens and sometimes two people can just drift a part. But whats important is that you recognize when something is seriously wrong in your marriage, like thinking something is missing from the marriage.

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Signs Of A Divorce Coming

You don’t date anymore

Not other people, but each other! Even though you’re still married it’s still important to spend quality time together by going on dates.

Unfortunately, family life and work tend to get in the way of dating your spouse. Going on dates will often takes a backseat to other priorities in your life. Once you miss a date night or don’t put dating each other as a priority in your marriage this can be one of the early signs of a divorce coming.

You’re having sex less often

Physical intimacy is important in every marriage. Physical touch let’s us know we’re wanted, cared for, and loved. When physical touch begins to lack you start pondering the question, “What’s wrong with me? Why does he/she not want me?”

Or you could be that you’re withholding sex from your spouse because you feel taken for granted or you feel resentment. Either way, when you’re not having sex for long periods of time, it’s a one of the early signs of a divorce imminent.

You’re thinking of the future without your spouse

This is one of the biggest signs of a divorce! Why? You are literally thinking of the future, but when you envision your future, it’s not with your spouse.

This type of thinking says one thing: Your mind and heart are already checking out of your marriage by thinking about what it would be like without your spouse.

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You disagree about money

Financial strain is a big reason for divorce in the United States. Times are tougher than ever. Everything including the price of groceries is going up during the pandemic and millions across the the nation are strained financially.

But, your spouse (or yourself) doesn’t agree where your finances should go or one person is spending too much money then a perfect storm is created in marriage.

If both spouses are not on the same page with money issues, it will only lead to more argument and conflict within your relationship that cannot be solved by acquiring more money.

You feel alone

It’s hard being in a relationship with someone who feels like a roommate and not your lover and spouse. When you feel alone it’s a sign of a divorce because you’re being ignored in some manner or another.

Maybe your spouse no longer holds meaningful conversations with you about how their day went or he/she is constantly on their phone…

Something is a miss and you’re left feeling alone in your relationship even though you have someone with you at home.

There’s brewing resentment or contempt

Resentment is the silent killer of marriage and one of the biggest signs of a divorce coming! That’s because when you first start feeling resentment or contempt toward your spouse, you likely don’t recognize it.

However, over time that resentment against your spouse begins to build. Think of it like building a house of resentment brick by brick. Each brick of that imaginary house you’re building contains another resentment brick of something you feel contempt for your spouse over.

Each of those bricks represents a memory in which you feel you’re treated unfairly in your marriage. But you always took your feelings and stuffed them down. The problem is when feelings of resentment are stuffed down inside and are not communicated to your spouse, they only fester and get worse with time.

Communication is breaking down

All married couples fight! I dare say, that if you don’t fight from time to time, there may be communication issues that go unspoken. Fighting (sometimes) is actually healthy for a relationship.

But, if a fight breaks out every time you speak to your husband/wife than something’s wrong and it’s one of the signs of a divorce.

Looking for love outside of marriage

It’s perfectly acceptable to look at another person and find them attractive, but it’s another thing to go looking for love outside your marriage. With the world of social media, it’s the easy than ever to find love on dating apps.

The problem is… Even though you may not be physically cheating, you are opening the door to emotional cheating, which can lead to infidelity and is one of the big signs of a divorce.

When you’re open to the idea of love from someone else, you’ve already emotional “check out” of your marriage and are less committed to your spouse and your marriage as a whole.

One person doesn’t see a problem

It’s quite possible that you’re suffering in silence in your marriage or you’ve spoken your issues outload to your spouse only to have them fall on deaf ears. It takes two to make a marriage work for the long haul.

If one person is unhappy or doing all the work to maintain the marriage, there’s a huge problem if your spouse fails to see a problem at all in your marriage.

When this happens, your needs are overlooked and downright ignored because your spouse is “comfortable” with the state of your marriage.

But marriage is something you should feel comfortable in. It should always be two people working together to improve the relationship.

Many people as the years go by tend to become too comfortable with their spouse and don’t feel they need to put in the “work.” If one person doesn’t see a problem in the marriage, that person refuses to make things better. Then you’re stuck in the same marriage rut.

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Final Thoughts

These are not all the signs of divorce out there. Every marriage and couple is different. But these signs of a divorce are pretty universal. Many couples indeed see many of these signs of divorce coming when something feels off in your relationship.

Sometimes you can pinpoint exactly what that feeling is, but by reading the signs of divorce above hopefully it will give you some clarity as to why you feel this way. Now, the next question becomes- What do you do about it?

First, don’t panic! Even though your marriage is showing signs of a divorce coming doesn’t mean it can’t be saved and healed. Don’t go run off and file for divorce!

Instead, sit down and have a serious conversation with your spouse! Odds are, he/she is feeling like something is not working in the marriage anymore as well and is too afraid to say anything for fear of reticule. The only way to move forward with a relationship is to have a serious conversation about it.

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