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How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others: Blogging Edition

How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others: Blogging Edition

comparing yourself with others

You should not compare yourself to others… Ever! That might be easy to say but that’s not easy to do. It’s easier to fall into what is known as the “comparison trap.”

This trap ensnared many people today especially in the world of website ownership and blogging.

But you can break free of this and learn how to love yourself and your unique journey with blogging.

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Why You Should Never Be Comparing Yourself With Others

You Never Know Their Backstory

There’s a backstory and unique journey behind every blogger and their website. When you are viewing their social media channels or their blog, you’re only seeing one side: Their best side!

You are not seeing all the endless hours of writing, research, and the money they put down to begin with to get to the successful blogger they are today.

The Rate Of Success Varies

One blogger could reach a full-time income within a year, while another blogger won’t reach a full-time income till five years. The truth is you never really know about the numbers behind the blog: Monthly stats, money earned, money spent, etc.

You can only speculate and usually, that speculation is giving that blogger more credit for their work and in turn making you feel like a failure. This is NOT true!

Numbers Do Not Equal Money

This may seem weird, but all the social media followers and visits to a website don’t always covert to money earned. The numbers you see are only one side of things. Just because a website receives 100,000 pageviews a month doesn’t mean that blogger is making a five-figure income.

There are plenty of other blogs that don’t earn half that amount of pageviews and still make a consistent part-time or full-time income. So don’t be discouraged by comparing yourself with others’ pageviews or rankings on Google search because it doesn’t mean it converts to a steady income!

While these are perfect reminders to remember each day, it’s now time to dig a little deeper as to why you’re comparing yourself with others…

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Why Are You Comparing Yourself With Others?

Unfortunately, there probably is a hidden reason why you are comparing yourself with others’ success. This is something you need to look inward about. Blogging is all around a difficult business to be in because we all are competing with other bloggers for Google ranking, domain authority, page views, and more.

After a while, there’s always a point where a blogger will feel some insecurities about blogging or the services they offer within their business. Here are some common reasons why you may be comparing yourself with others.


Whether it’s the design of another blogger’s website or the number of page views they get a month you may find yourself being jealous of another person’s success.


Yes, your own self-confidence may play a role in why you are comparing yourself with others. It’s very easy to fall into the “comparison trap” because of your lack of self-confidence.

This is a deadly reason behind why you compare yourself with others because your mind is putting yourself, your abilities, and your successes and failures into a box… And that box is known as the “box of shame and failure.” You see every other blogger succeeding and everything you’re are doing is failing.

Self-confidence sabotages any future success you may have because you’re always viewing yourself in a negative light.

Lack Of Achievement

When I say lack of achievement, I mean your perceived lack of achievement! We tend to judge ourselves harshly, even more than others do. Essentially, we are our own worse critic!

You may have started this year with unbelievable goals for your blog. But what happens when those goals are not reached? We begin to doubt our abilities and label our lack of achieving that goal as the ultimate failure.

Those perceptions of a lack of achievement are then further deepened when we see other bloggers succeed.

For some a failure or lack of achieving a blogging goal is only fuel to work harder. However, if you already have self-confidence issues or a fear of failure seeing others’ success and comparing yourself with others will only get worse.

So how do you begin to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers?

How To Stop Comparing Yourself With Others

Other than remembering the above reminders, here are some other ways you can begin to practice mindfulness and gain some confidence back when it comes to blogging!

Write Down Your Attributes

Seriously! Grab and pen and paper and write down at least three things you are good at with blogging. Then display this in your workspace so you can remind yourself every day.

This will slowly build up confidence within yourself and your abilities to continue to be an amazing blogger!

Begin To Understand Contentment

Contentment with blogging does not mean you stop achieving success and stop trying. It means you are happy and “content” wherever you are in your blogging career. (Yes, I did say career!)

This practice will allow you to feel happier and enjoy the process and the slow rise of success compared to always wanting more out of blogging.

Do A Fast

I don’t mean a fast in which you don’t eat any food for a certain length of time. I mean a “blogging fast.” Sometimes, the best thing to do when you are comparing yourself with others is to take a fast or break from blogging. Sort of like a blogging hiatus.

I have to do this from time to time to refocus and reduce my mental load with blogging. So take a day or two and simply put blogging on pause. This will help you remember why you started blogging in the first place!

Distance Yourself From Social Media

Social media is a major driver for everyone’s blog. It allows us to connect with other bloggers, readers and directs traffic to our blogs. But I will be honest…

When I see other bloggers in Facebook groups talking about making a five-figure income per month, I get both jealous and discouraged. My mind tells me that I am failing because I am not making the hefty figure they are.

I try and remind myself that money is not everything when it comes to blogging, but it is nice to turn a passion into a major money-making career. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? It’s at this point I have to try and remember not to compare myself to other bloggers and take a break from social media.

I know other bloggers are only telling other’s what they make per month or year to encourage those who do not make anywhere near that, but it leaves me feeling a little inadequate. And I only have my lack of self-confidence to blame for that.

Final Thoughts

Comparing yourself with others gets tiresome. Your mind categorizes you and other bloggers into two sections: the successful bloggers and you. That’s never good!

You started blogging because you have a unique story to tell and are a person who works hard with persistence and can pick up and execute new projects and tasks easily. There’s no need to keep comparing yourself with others, especially in the blogging world!

The best thing to remember about comparing yourself with others is that you don’t know the whole story of everyone’s successes and failures.

So, instead, remember that blogging is a long-term game requiring a large learning curve and it does take years to reach the level of success that you are most likely striving for!

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