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The Best 15 Safety Products For Autism

The Best 15 Safety Products For Autism

Autism comes with a host of symptoms causing issues with understanding what and where danger is in the world. 

Many children with autism have a habit of wandering or bolting away from loved ones. 

This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed before it happens!

As a mom to a child with autism I know how heartbreaking it is to think of something bad happening to your child. 

But the best way to prevent accidents is to be prepared with these 15 safety products for autism!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click on them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

15 Safety Products For Autism


1. AngelSense GPS Tracker


AngelSense GPS Device with speakerphone, a soft rotective Sleeve, 3 non-removable fasteners, parent key, iAlerts, premium safety features and more is the safest solution for autism and special needs.

This device may not prevent wandering or bolting, but it provides parents with a safety guard for finding your child quickly when it does happen.

It offers continuous, all-day, accurate and reliable real-time tracking, proactive alerting, auto-answer calls, emergency search tools, audible alarms, step counter, 1-way voice to hear how they are, location playback history, and school dashboards.

2. Autistic Occupant Vehicle Sticker

Autism safety stickers for cars are waterproof and can be applied to any smooth part of any vehicle, giving bystanders a heads up of the child’s special needs.

They work best for alerting emergency services on how to respond to a child with autism.

Safety products for autism like this one clearly communicates that a child is likely nonverbal, nonresponsive and may resist help which can present a delicate situation for EMS, firefighters and police.

3. Medical Alert Bracelet


This is an Autism Medical Alert Bracelet – a stylish and discrete way to help safeguard your child in the event of wandering or bolting.

The bracelet is specifically designed for those on the autism spectrum who may not verbalize their needs due to communication disorders such as speech difficulties, nonverbal communication and sensory integration problems.

– Helps emergency personnel, police officers, friends and family know about your child’s autism
– Wear discreetly with confidence knowing that you have a tool that can facilitate engagement with emergency services if needed
– A subtle indicator of your loved one’s condition during times of need

4. Wrist Safety Leash


Keep your special needs child safe in crowds with this sturdy and reliable Safety Leash with Key Lock.

It’s adjustable to accommodate a range of children from toddler to teen and features a key lock for added security.

This leash is extra-long, so you can relax knowing that you’ll always have control over where your child goes, without having to put a strain on their wrist or arm.

– Easily keep track of your special needs child in crowds or busy places
– Provide them the opportunity to move around while remaining safe and secure
– Easy to use key lock provides an additional layer of security

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5. Emergency Responders Home Vinyl Sticker

safety products for autism 

Emergency Responders Home Vinyl Sticker helps alert emergency responders and visitors to your home that a child with autism resides at the residence.

Safety products for autism like a highly visible sticker brings attention to the fact that a family member may have unique needs in an emergency or distress situation, allowing first responders and other visitors to respond in a more appropriate manner.

– Increases awareness of Autism so first responders can better help during an emergency situation
– Highly visible for easy recognition
– Durable & weatherproof for indoor/outdoor use on doors and windows

6. Child Harness


This child harness is the perfect solution for parents hoping to still give their children the freedom to explore but in an extra safe and secure way.

It prevents wandering and bolting, making sure your little one stays close.

Its adjustable straps fit comfortably around the waist and shoulders, plus its orange colored so you can always keep an eye on them without having to follow too closely behind.

– Keep your kids safe from potential dangers while still allowing them free reign to explore
– Adds a feeling of security for both parent and child so you can both be at ease wherever you go!
– Prevents wandering and bolting in crowded areas

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones


Noise cancelling headphones provide dynamic sound protection for your child, ensuring their ears stay safe from sudden loud noises and sensory overload that could lead to bolting.

– Keeps kids’ ears safe from loud noises and other sensory triggers that can cause bolting or distraction
– Allows children to stay focused in class and learn more effectively
– Improved sound quality enhances listening experience

8. Autism Alert Card

safety products for autism 

Emergency Alert Card with Lanyard is a powerful tool for helping to ensure the safety of those with autism. The card can be filled out and worn around the neck so that if your child wanders off or bolts, their information is clearly visible to anyone who may come across them. Features like contact info, and customizable text allow you to create an unique card that reflects your specific needs.

– Helps reunite lost children with parents/guardians quickly by displaying important information in plain sight.
– Affordable and easily accessible resource for all families.
– Makes it easy for people in public areas to recognize that your child has autism and take appropriate action if necessary.

9. Door & Window Alarms


Door and Window Alarms you can make sure your child does not wander. This is an extra security measure for when you child has trouble sleeping and may wander around the house.

Through a super loud 120+ dB alarm, the magnetic sensor provides an excellent alarm system to alert you when someone tries accessing your door or window.

– Can be used as both a deterrent and early warning system for children who wander or bolt out of the house
– Easy to install without cables or screws – simply stick them according to adhesive instructions for maximum precaution.
– Built in low power consumption allows for extended use with minimal upkeep

10. Seatbelt Buckle Guard


The seatbelt guard is a simple solution to hold your child’s seatbelt closed in the car while they are moved around and to prevent the buckle from being unlatched. With our easy-to-use design, you can relax knowing that your kids are safe and secure while you’re on the go in your car!

– Keeps children securely fastened in their car seats, boosters and high-back booster seats
– Helps parents maintain peace of mind during drives so you can keep focus on the road

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11. Magnetic Cabinet Locks


With Magnetic Cabinet Locks you can keep your little ones safe from chemical exposure and possible ingestion.

Made without drilling and extensive effort, you won’t have to worry about your child getting their hands on what isn’t intended for them.

– Keep children and your possessions away from hazards or off limits items in the house
– No Drilling Required
– Great childproofing solution for cabinets or doors

12. Autism Seatbelt Cover

The Autism Seatbelt Cover is designed to alert emergency services that the child has autism, in case of an accident. It wraps around the seatbelt and can be easily distinguished from other designs.

– Helps protect people on the autism spectrum in emergency situations
– Easily visible, even in dim light
– Lightweight and unobtrusive design
– Increases awareness of autism whenever you drive

13. Outlet Covers


Outlet Covers has been created as a safe solution to protect children from the shock and electrical hazards that can come from open outlets.

Outlet covers prevent children from being able to place objects inside them while still allowing adults easy access in case a device needs to be plugged or unplugged.

– Childproof your home against dangerous electric shocks, giving parents peace of mind
– Prevents curious children from accessing electrical outlets and playing with dangerous objects
– Tamper resistant design helps you keep your home safe for children

14. Door Lockout Device



Sometimes your child may need to stay out of an entire room to prevent injury or avoid damage to important items.  

GlideLok Door Lockout Device is the top choice for parents who value quality and safety when it comes to door locks.

This durable, painted metal unit clips onto any door and sits on its top like a saddle, out of reach of children. It can be unlocked conveniently from both sides of the door and is not easily dismantled as opposed to other plastic models.


-Installs with one screw to wood doors

-Prevents entrance into entire rooms

-Installed at the top of the door to prevent entry

-Sturdy metal design

15. Gas Stove Knob Covers

Stove Knob Covers are a great way to help keep your toddler or young child safe from accidental burns.

They are designed to fit snuggly around your stove knobs and securely fasten them in place, preventing your curious child from turning them on and thus providing you with peace of mind that they are protected from harm.

Final Thoughts About Safety Products For Autism

There are so many things in the world that can hurt us.  Unfortunately those with autism don’t fulling understand where danger lies and how to prevent it themselves.

For parents of children with autism, its are upmost job to prevent current and future injury for your child whether at home or away.

While we cannot safeguard them from all injuries, we can prevent occurrences like wandering, bolting, accidental burns and more.  

The 15 safety products for autism will help you have some peace of mind throughout your day-to-day life. 

Less worry from you means more time for you to focus on daily activities with your child’s autism.

safety products for autism

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