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25 No Candy Easter Basket Fillers For Toddlers

25 No Candy Easter Basket Fillers For Toddlers

Easter is filled with spring-time fun, bunnies, Easter eggs and loads of candy.  While children love candy, sugar overload is not fun for parents.

Holidays are already stressful without pumping kids full of sugar.  I don’t know about you, but my toddler is hyper enough without sugar.

So let’s create an Easter basket with fillers that are not candy.  Here’s 25 non-candy Easter basket fillers for toddlers!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you click on them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Easter Basket Fillers For Toddlers

Easter Books

With toddlers, celebrating holidays is sometimes difficult to explain. 

Why not explain what’s involved with Easter by reading a book together?!

Books can easily be put into an Easter basket as a filler, no matter the size of the basket.  Plus, its educational!

For my two-year old toddler, books are always the first gift we buy for him. 

He loves books!  Now I’m just a little jealous that he has a bigger library of books than I do…

Click Here to find a variety of Easter books for your toddlers!

Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are made specifically for small hands.  These puzzles are durable and educational. 

They help your child learn how to match shapes, animals and work toddler fine motor skills.

Melissa & Doug makes many wooden puzzles that are beyond cute for your little one.

My son loves wooden puzzles.  But we’re still working on his attention span in order to complete a puzzle…

It’s still fun non-the-less!  Plus, these educational puzzles are a great non-candy option for an Easter basket!

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Learning Magnets

Learning magnets today go beyond plastic letters your mom use to buy in the grocery store.

I don’t know about your toddler, but mine still tries putting everything in his mouth.  That includes small plastic alphabet magnets!

To alleviate him possible eating an alphabet magnet, I went for bigger magnets that are less boring than single letters. 

Bigger magnets with a mix of animals, letters and shapes are perfect for a toddler!

Here’s a set of 40 magnets of dinosaurs and animals to act as an Easter basket filler!


What toddler doesn’t love playdough?  It’s messy and inspires imagination! 

Playdough is available from large to small containers and in many fun colors!

On top of many colors there’s also playdough sets to snugly fit inside your child’s Easter basket!


Crayons are another small Easter basket stuffer that can easily be added! 

There’s a variety of options including scented crayons and jumbo size crayons.

If your toddler doesn’t take to crayons, he or she might also enjoy a pack of coloring pencils or markers.

Easter Coloring Book

To go along with those crayons, toddlers love coloring books.  Since Easter is a holiday you can find tons of themed coloring books about the holiday.

Little People Sets

If you’re unfamiliar with these sets… They are the cutest! 

Little people sets are fun and made of very durable plastic. 

They can easily be stored in small totes or put into an Easter basket or egg.

Little People sets come with different people, animals, professions, vehicles, etc.

Be aware though… These Little People hurt to step on!  But I forgive them because they’re so cute!

Mini Dolls

Is your little princess in love with dolls?  If so, then buying small size dolls are perfect to hide inside a large plastic egg or in an Easter basket as a filler.

Small Cars

One of my son’s favorite toys are cars!  Last Easter we hid cars inside large eggs for him to find in the yard.

Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk

I can’t think of a better way to do art… Write and draw on sidewalk with chalk and simply wash it away when you’re done.  Easiest art project ever!

Bath Toys

Whether your toddler loves baths or despises them, bath toys make taking a bath way more fun!  Bath toys are no longer plain yellow rubber ducks.

Sippy Cups/Water Bottles

This option is a necessity for toddlers anyway, so why not throw a new sippy cup into their candy-free Easter basket.

Fruit & Veggie Pouches

This a perfect and healthy alternative to Easter candy.  I make sure to always opt for the fruit and vegetable pouches instead of just fruit because I have to sneak those veggies in somehow!

Bubble Machine

Bubbles are just plain fun!  When I think of spring or summer, playing with bubbles always come to mind. 

My toddler loves to chase bubbles.  But this mama gets tired of blowing so many bubbles.

To save your breath, buy a bubble machine to do all the hard work!  Just don’t forget about the bubble mix.

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Electric Toothbrush

Another necessity item to add to an Easter basket is a toothbrush.  But why not make it fun by gifting your toddler an electric toothbrush.  This is the perfect Easter basket filler for toddlers!


DVD’s are always a hit with toddlers.  Some favorites in our household are Paw Patrol, Puppy Dog Pals, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street, Mickey and The Roadster Racers and Vampirina.

Bubble Wands

If your toddler is able to blow their own bubbles, then a bubble wand is the perfect travel size wand for blowing bubbles.

Character Dinnerware Set

Dinner sets of your toddlers favorite characters make snacks and meals more fun. 

I recently purchased a set of Puppy Dog Pals plate, bowl and fork and spoon.  It’s a huge hit!

You can find many character dinnerware sets here.

Small Character Figures

Figurine sets are a small, but there an amazing candy-free Easter basket option! 

Depending on the size of the figurines…  It’s important to consider whether the figure set poses a choking hazard.

Lego Duplo Set

The Lego Duplo sets are still technically Lego’s…  Just on a bigger scale. 

These sets are built specifically for little hands and for children who still like to put everything in their mouths.

Beach Towel

This is a fun addition to any Easter basket because it can be used at bath times and at the beach or park.  Just be careful about the size of the beach towel.

While you want a towel that’s large, some beach towels are huge and probably won’t fit inside an Easter basket.

Garden Tool Set

With Easter being in the spring, a plastic garden tool set is a great basket stuffer. 

Most garden tool sets come with two different handheld shovels and a handheld rack.

But there are bigger sets that include more gardening tools.  It just depends on what you can fit inside your toddlers Easter basket and what they would like to play with.

Bike Accessories

My son has taken a huge interest in wanting a bike since he turned two. 

Each time we head to the store with a bike aisle, we have to sit him on a bike and push him down the aisle for a while. 

Although you can’t fit a whole bike inside a basket, you can fit everything else you need to protect your toddler from falls.

Here’s some bike accessories to add:

  • Elbow and knee pads
  • A helmet
  • Bike horn
  • Bike pom-pom’s
  • A bike basket

Sticker Activity Book

I’ll admit it… I am NOT a fan of stickers!  I’m terrified to buy my son a book of stickers because I know he’ll sneak one out of the book and put the stickers everywhere, but the paper.

However, if your toddler does well with stickers, a sticker activity book is great for Easter basket fillers for toddlers.

Finger Paints

Let’s face it… Toddlers love to make a mess!  It’s how they learn.  You can foster imagination and a love of art by adding non-toxic finger paints as a candy-free Easter basket option.

If you don’t want to purchase pre-made paints, you can always make your own with THIS RECIPE.

Final Thoughts About Easter Basket Fillers For Toddlers

Easter is a wonderful and happy springtime holiday filled with bunnies, egg hunts and candy. 

But there such a thing as giving too much candy, especially when it really doesn’t offer much nutritional value. 

Instead, go with non-candy Easter basket!

Many pre-made Easter baskets in the stores are filled with candy.  That’s why I never buy them! 

I’m a mama that enjoys buying fun and educational items to stuff in my son’s Easter basket.

The 25 Easter basket fillers for toddlers above give you a variety of options to add as fillers that are completely candy free!

Instead of candy, gift your child with things that foster imagination, play and learning.


Easter is around the corner! Get started thinking about ideas for Easter basket stuffers. If you want non-candy alternatives for your toddler, then look no further! Here are 25 creative candy free Easter basket fillers for your toddler.



Tuesday 12th of March 2019

These are such great ideas!! My nephew is OBSESSED with sweets, so much to the point where he won't eat regular food. These are such great ideas for him!

Liz Talton

Tuesday 12th of March 2019

Tiarra, Thank you for commenting! Easter is such a fun holiday, but like any holiday it's filled tons of candy. My own son is just now tasting candy at the age of two lol.

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