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St. Patrick’s Day Door Wreath: Dollar Tree Edition!

St. Patrick’s Day Door Wreath: Dollar Tree Edition!


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making beautiful decor to accent your home! 

This St. Patrick’s Day door wreath is a cheap and easy crafting project to complete for both children and adults.  

As long as children are old enough to operate a hot glue gun safely, this is an exciting and quick DIY wreath to complete.

Best of all, it’s for anyone who’s on a limited budget.  That’s right!  Everything used to make the wreath is purchased from the Dollar Tree!

Start following along with the steps or bookmark and save this article for later to complete this Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s Day door wreath!

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What Is St. Patrick’s Day About?

Many people are happy to join along in the fun of St. Patty’s day with Irish centered dishes and home decorations, but many know the significance of the holiday?

The holiday celebrates the Irish culture and it’s people, specially the Irish patron Saint Patrick. 

Although his death occurred in the fifth century the Irish people still honor him with a holiday and is considered the founder of Christianity in Ireland.  

This is how the popular three leaf clover became a symbol for St. Patrick’s Day! 

Saint Patrick loved to explain the holy trinity as an analogy: A three leaf clover or shamrock represents the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let’s celebrate this wonderful and festive holiday with a budget-friendly wreath!

How To Make A St. Patrick’s Day Door Wreath

Step 1:

The first step is to head to your local Dollar Tree store and gather your supplies. 

Like I said, all the supplies for your door wreath are available at the Dollar Tree.

You will need the following supplies:

  • 1 Small foam wreath
  • 5 Batches of artificial white carnation flowers with glitter clovers
  • 5 Batches of artificial green carnation flowers with glitter coins
  • 1 Green burlap ribbon (light or dark green)

That’s it for the supplies you need from the Dollar Tree.  However, you do need two other extra supply tools to put this wreath together.

Extra supplies include:

  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun (preferably large)
  • Hot glue sticks

St. Patrick's Day door wreath

Step 2:

If you have not been to a Dollar Tree store for a while, don’t be shocked that they raised their prices!  Instead of everything being $1.00, everything is now $1.25. 

Although some may be upset by the price hike, you can still get quality items there that are well worth paying .25 cents extra.

With all supplies you need for this St. Patrick’s Day door wreath it will only cost you $15!  

You can’t get any better than that.  Of course, if you need to buy a hot glue gun, extra glue sticks and wire cutters the complete cost will be a little more.  But just for the wreath supplies it’s only $15.

Now, let’s start making this wreath!  Gathering all your supplies, plugging in your hot glue gun and wait till it get’s hot.  

The first thing you want to do while waiting for your hot glue gun to warm up is to cut/snip your flowers off.  You do not need the long stems for this wreath!

I don’t know if you will have the same luck as me, but I was able to pull the flowers off the stems with having to cut the stems.  

This saved loads of time!

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Step 3:

For step three you need to remove the accent glitter shamrocks/clovers and gold glitter coins.  You will need your wire cutters for this.  

I varied the length of the wire stems by 1 to 3 inches in length.

Be careful with the glitter accents because they are delicate and will break a part.

St. Patrick's Day door wreath

Step 4: 

Grab your foam wreath and get gluing!  I found it best to take a carnation flower and push the small amount of stem into the foam to make a hole.

Next, I took the hot glue gun and filled it with glue and pushed the flower into the hole.

Continue this same pattern with the flowers and placing them spaced equally on the front and sides of the wreath (not the backside). 

As long as the wreath itself does not show.

Step 5:

Now you’re going to move onto the glitter shamrocks and coins.  As I’ve said before, they are delicate!

Do not try pushing the wire stem through the wreath by pushing on the top of the shamrock or coins!  The wire will push through the top of the ornament and you can’t mend them.

Instead, hold them by the wire underneath the glitter ornament and push through the foam wreath. 

Pull the wire stem out, fill in with hot glue and reposition the wire stem back into the foam wreath.

You can place the glitter shamrocks and coins anywhere you want.  I placed them where I felt there were “gaps” between the flowers.

St. Patrick's Day door wreath

Step 6:

Time to attach the green burlap ribbon to your St. Patrick’s Day door wreath!  

Cut the burlap ribbon whatever length you want it.  The longer you have it, the lower your wreath will hang from your wreath hanger.

To do this simply make a loop with the burlap ribbon. 

Then, attach it to the backside of the foam wreath by using extra wire from the flower stems. 

Poke the wire stem through the foam wreath and the burlap ribbon. 

Use your wire cutters to cut off any excess and bend the wire so it lays flat against the ribbon and foam wreath.

Next, apply hot glue underneath the burlap ribbon in multiple places.

St. Patrick's Day door wreath

Step 7:

Hang your wreath up and celebrate St. Patty’s Day!

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Final Thoughts

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday filled with celebration, laughter, dancing, and amazing meals! 

Celebrate the holiday and your appreciation for Irish culture and people with this budget-friendly (but pretty) St. Patrick’s Day door wreath!

Jennifer K Lipps

Friday 28th of January 2022

So fun and beautiful!

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